Things That Can Refrain You From Getting Your Dream Job

Job seekers have their dream for a job. They have an aim to join a company and set up a flourished career. But many hardly know that they need to pass employment screening before they get employed in a company. If failed, they cannot be the part of the company which you wish to join and have the required qualification for the same.

Almost every company at present conducts an employment screening before they hire a candidate. The HR team checks various areas of the background of a person. Hence a job seeker should know the factors which can refrain them from getting a job.

Criminal record

A hiring authority of a company at first will check the criminal history of a job seeker. Although, some companies consider a certain type of criminal history of a candidate. But this consideration of employment background check depends on the company policy. There are lots of companies which hire candidates with nil criminal record. Hence a job seeker without any felonious record like violence, sexual abuse, etc, can easily pass this test.

Drug test

This is also a common test that is conducted by almost every company before they hire an employee. Hence, a job seeker must be aware that he will need to undergo a drug or alcohol test during the interview session. If he fails the test he will not be able to join the company.

Checking of credentials

Many job seekers submit fake educational and professional certificates to get a job. If a company does not check these credentials properly then they will hire the wrong candidate. Hence, a company does the checking of the credentials submitted by the candidate before they send an offer letter to the employee. So, a job seeker must submit authentic documents so that the company can get the proper detail.

Checking of credit history

However, not all job seekers are required to pass through credit history records.

If you are applying for jobs where you have to work on financial transactions like money handling, the HR department will check your credit history. The hiring authority will verify the areas like unpaid bills, repayment of loans or EMIs, etc.

Verification of bankruptcy

Some companies may also check whether you are bankrupt or not. However, they will not check the history in detail. Still, they can ask you the reason for bankruptcy. Hence a job seeker just needs to get ready to answer the questions asked by the hiring authority.

Depending on the nature of the company or the Job type there can be some variation in the list of checks done for a background check. There are some dedicated companies in the industry that do these checks. These firms are hired or outsourced by employers which need a background check for candidates to be hired. iCrederity is one of the reputed companies of the industry which is offering excellent employment background check, Criminal Background Check, employee background verification services to many companies. To know more about this company and the services it offers you can visit the portal of the company.

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