Things That You Must Know Before Visiting Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most fascinating and spectacular travel destinations from Southeast Asia. Bangkok tourism is certainly known to the world for its unplugged entertainment and exotic local cuisines. Backed by an impressive cultural vibrancy and blessed with countless grandly decorated temples, the city of Bangkok is a must visit tourist spot. Here are few things that you should be aware of before planning a trip to this beautiful city.


  1. Always fix the price before hiring transport

Bangkok packages are surely rewarding but they also come with lots of scams that force travellers particularly the foreign tourists to pay manifold extra than the actual cost against a service. Tuk-tuk and taxis are the two most common means to commute from one place to another in Bangkok. When you are travelling here, make sure you always hire a taxi with properly functioning meter. If you are informed by the driver that meter is broken then don’t delay to catch another. Always negotiate the fare before getting into a tuk-tuk.


  1. Make a good use of BTS Skytrain

BTS Skytrain is surely the best public transport system in Bangkok but many foreign travellers hesitate to hop into these trains. BTS Skytrain is an elevated railway network in Bangkok which is both user-friendly and pocket-friendly. This transport system can be easily understood even by the first-timers. It offers economical, safe and fast transportation during your Bangkok package.


  1. Don’t smoke in public places

Bangkok tourism believes in better and healthy way of living. To make this world a better place to live, they have banned smoking at public places. If you are feeling the urge to lit a cigarette then take a look around or ask local people about the nearest designated “Smoking Area”. If you are found smoking at wrong place or littering by dropping the cigarette butts on road, you can be booked by local police to pay a hefty fine.


  1. Explore the road-side eateries

When you are enjoying a Bangkok package trip, you have got this rare opportunity to explore an exciting and delicious food scenario. The best way to explore the tasty and aromatic Thai food is to come out of your hotel and dine at a local restaurant whenever you crave for food. When you are in Bangkok, it is a sin not to taste various kind of Thai noodles. Thai sushi extravaganza is another exclusive food experience that you can expect only in Bangkok.


  1. Withdraw enough money from ATM

You will be surprised to the fact that ATM transaction fee is very high in Bangkok. Every year this fee is taking a leap and forcing ATM users to bear with this cost. Whenever you are withdrawing money from an ATM in Thailand, always take out sufficient money at a time so that you don’t have to use ATM frequently and thus you can avoid these hefty ATM transaction fees.


  1. Never forget to bargain

Thailand tourism exposes travellers to some of the busiest market places in Southeast Asia. It is mandatory to show your bargain skill while buying anything from these Thai markets but Never haggle just for the fun of it if you have no intension to buy anything.

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