Things That You Should Know To Make Your New Zealand Trip Awesome

New Zealand is beautiful country boasting stunning landscapes, amazing creatures and a perfect laid-back lifestyle. Unlike Australia, New Zealand is not at all hot and most importantly it is devoid of any deadly snakes. New Zealand tourism is an ideal getaway solution for people who are looking for something unusual. Here is the list of things about the Kiwi-land that should know to make your trip awesome.


  1. New Zealand is not that small in size

New Zealand packages are particularly popular among travellers because of the countless surprises. This country is smaller in size compared to Australia but big enough to cover everything in a single trip. Don’t try to incorporate everything in your trip as this will only drain your energy out by making it extremely hectic and exhaustive. Missing out few things will surely not hurt your soul.


  1. You will experience all four seasons

New Zealand is probably the one country on this Earth that allows people to experience all four seasons in a single trip. This happens because of its ever-changing climate. New Zealand tours require you to carry your light clothes as well as woollens along with the skimpy swim-wear. From chilly wind to sunny days – every hour of the day brings a new season for you in New Zealand.


  1. Don’t rely exclusively on public transport

There is on denial that public transportation network in New Zealand is really effective and well-spread too connecting every nook and corner of the country. But if you are more willing to explore this spectacular country from its core, then it is better to rent a car for your New Zealand tour. Renting a car will actually help you to follow the off-beaten path in spite of just sticking to major tourist destinations in New Zealand.


  1. You heard it right. There is ‘NO’ snake

Most people tend to generalise the characteristics of Australia and New Zealand just because of their close proximity in terms of location. But that’s a very wrong way to judge New Zealand. You will be glad to know that unlike Australia, New Zealand is not at all the land of deadly, poisonous snakes. You can meet them only at zoos. There is absolutely nothing to get frighten of snake bites when you are in New Zealand.


  1. Always look for ‘i-site’ logo

In order to assist tourists, New Zealand authority has set up many ‘i-site’ offices across the country particularly in and around the tourist destinations. ‘i-site’ offices can be found almost everywhere you go during your New Zealand tour. These offices offer loads of information about the neighbouring area or nearest tourist spot to make everyone’s trip smooth-going and more rewarding.


  1. Never break the speed limit

Driving is the most effective way to explore the beauty of New Zealand. But before you sit on the driving seat, it is important to know the general driving rules in New Zealand. Speed limit in urban cities in the country is 50 km/hr and it changes to 100 km/hr on motorways or open roads. Keep your speed under the limit to avoid hefty fine and legal action.

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