Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car

Buying a second-hand car in the UAE is not child’s play. Since it has already been used for a few years, you will have to check for several things before finalizing your purchase. Following are a few points you should check and confirm before you go ahead and buy a second-hand car in the UAE:
1.Checking the Appearance
As they say, it is all in the looks, you should check how the vehicle looks. UAE weather is tough and sand storms combined with tough terrains can have a toll on the second cars in Dubai and the rest of the Emirates. Check for scratches, dents, and dings. You can use all of this to negotiate on the price even more as repairing a dent may cause a hole in your pocket. Along with the body, also check the brakes and tires of the car. All four tires should not be worn out. They should also belong to the same brand.
2. Going Below the Hood
All these tips will work well if you get with you a mechanic who is certified. Take a thorough look at the mechanics of the vehicle. Check if there is any leakage in the engine or if the chassis has any rust. If you notice black smoke, this means the engine is consuming a lot of fuel. If you notice blue smoke, it means the engine has started to burn oil. If any of these exist on the vehicle, walk away!
3. Check the Interiors
When buying second-hand cars for sale in the UAE, check that the seats are not damaged. Check whether the radio is working or not. The turn signals and lights are also to be examined. How many kilometres does the clock show and if it matches what is mentioned on the documents or not? Use all the switches in the car to check if they are working or not. Sit in the car for some time to see if the AC is working properly enough for surviving the heat in Dubai or not.
4. Bring in a Trusted Mechanic
Having second-hand cars in the UAE checked by a mechanic that you personally trust is very important. While you may know a thing or two about cars, a mechanic will still do a more thorough job. Bringing in a professional is extremely important here if you do not want to end up with a priorly hidden issue in the future.

5. Take the Car on the Road for a Spin
Examining the car inside out is good, but in the end, the test drive is the key. You can check if the car makes any strange sounds and gears are smooth or not. You will also get a feel of how the vehicle drives. In case you are comfortable driving it, then you can initiate the negotiation according to the knowledge you gained after checking the car properly.
6. Check for Leaks
This a test that you can easily perform yourself. Leaking second-hand cars in the UAE are no friend of yours. When you are on a test drive of the car, stop and pull over somewhere. Keep the engine turned on and let it run for about a minute. Check for any leaks under the car after a minute or so.

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