Things to Consider before choosing a Bagger Audio System

Adding a stereo to your motorbike can open you to a new world of fun with baggers. Nothing is stopping you from making a fun addition to your baggers.

Here is a list of parts you will need to set up a fully working bagger audio system:

  • Speakers
  • Speaker lids
  • Speaker Grills
  • Bag seals
  • Subwoofers
  • Horns
  • Amplifiers
  • Receiver
  • Bluetooth devices

You must consider some essential things to help you choose the right bagger audio system. Now, let’s examine these features.


High-quality speakers help transform electrical signals into brilliant sound better than poorly designed set-ups. Investing in good speakers will guarantee a smooth frequency response so your music will sound detailed and clear. Also, highly-rated speakers tend to handle more power and play much more loudly than cheap ones. You can also add more than a pair of speakers to upgrade your sound system.


One key factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is the quality and durability of your speakers. Ensure that you go for waterproof designsthat will not be damaged by prolonged ultraviolet rays from the sun. Bad weather can cause significant damage to audio speakers and cause the cones and surrounds to fail if the materials aren’t build to withstand. If there’s a chance at all to get caught outside in the rain or when it’s drizzling, it is best to choose products and accessories made with reliable materials.


Size is a factor to consider before you pick an amplifier for your motorcycle. The best option is to choose a product that fits inside the front fairing and will not take up excess space in a saddlebag.


An efficient amplifier plays a vital role in your audio sound quality. Efficiency here refers to the amount of power that is drawn from the battery and alternator and is converted into energy to fuel the speakers. An efficient amplifier can deliver a loud volume smoothlywithout overloading the electrical system. Top-quality amplifiers have an exclusive RTGP system (Thermal Recovery for power generation) because it provides greater thermal efficiency and robustness with higher stability.

Great source unit

A good source unit is fundamental to every top-rated audio system. If there is even a slight problem with the original audio signal, there is little to nothing that can be done to get a smooth sound.

Hands-free control 

A good option is to look for a hands-free control sound set-up that has a voice recognition feature. This type of control promotes road safety and does not take your attention away from the road to operate it.

Another accessory to improve the look and value of your bagger is a chin spoiler street glide. This accessory is mostly to upgrade the motorcycle’s physical appearance. It adds volume to the bottom of your bumper, giving it a more brutal or aggressive appearance that is sure to catch people’s attention. The intended purpose of a chin spoiler is to improve your bike’s aerodynamic efficiency.Before selecting a chin spoiler, it is best to check whether there is enough space between the chin spoiler and fender. You can ensure this by checking the measurements.

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