Things to consider during the Construction of a New Building to Make it Solar Ready

Solar energy has been gaining popularity in our country for quite some time now, primarily due to how economically friendly it is. The people of today want a home that is both modern and future-ready at the same time. While looking for housing properties and facilities,  making them solar ready is a good option to consider. For this, one has to know his way around solar panel installation and who to contact for the same. Solar panels use solar energy efficiently and effectively, thereby saving massive amounts of electricity. Besides this, the use of solar panels also saves a lot of money. Below, we have listed a few points to keep in mind before making new building solar-ready:

  • Architectural Requirements

For residential rooftop solar installations, the building needs to have certain architectural requirements – the height of the building, which area to consider for the installation, space for panels – so on and so forth. Further, the installation has to be done in such a way that it does not ruin the aesthetic looks of the building, and for that, proper area measurement and spacing are important factors to consider. The installation should also be done in an area that is shadow-free, otherwise, the panels might not perform optimally.

  • Strong buildings for stronger rooftops

Installation of solar panels requires buildings with rooftops that have adequate space to accommodate the panels and the proper strength to hold the weight of the panels. Apart from this, the rooftop should also have space for the additional structures that are needed to provide support to the solar panels. Since the panels and the supportive stands with the fasteners to hold the panels firmly in place – together – are very heavy and burdensome, it is imperative that the building has a strong roof and is otherwise properly constructed.

  • Aesthetics

It is beneficial to install a solar system because apart from helping with providing electricity, they also call for very clean and eco-friendly aesthetics. When a building is being newly constructed, people keep a keen eye out for its architectural beauty as well. Nobody likes a bunch of wires and cables hanging outside. With the installation of a solar system, these go underground or under the walls, thereby keeping the beauty factor in check apart from also catering to basic requirements.

  • Easy Maintenance

By far, one of the most significant advantages of solar panel installation is solar PV maintenanceThis process can turn out to be very easy if the panels are installed in such a way that it makes the maintenance process easier. This will also help in the long run. Cleaning panels installed at extreme heights can be a daunting task. Besides, it would also be risky and unsafe. Therefore, the rooftop design plays a vital role here so that the even post-installation, the cleaning and maintenance process remains doable. 

There are several other reasons as to why rooftop solar in India is a good option. Sustainable development can only be ensured if we use the resources provided to us carefully and learn to respect the environment. Nature has much to provide, and it is up to us to use these natural amenities in the best possible way so that our future generations get their fair share as well.

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