Things to consider to avoid Cyberbullying of your kids

If you want to protect your children from cyberbullying, check out these points to consider.

Find out what kids do on the internet:

Tablets and cell phones are often seen just as entertainment, that is, as something harmless. But the high rates of cyberbullying in Brazil show the opposite, so parents have to know the pages that their children access on the internet. If you notice anything suspicious, get in touch with the social media expert witness at

This can be done through an open conversation. A tip is to leave the computer in a shared place in the house, such as the living room, and encourage the child to use mobile devices when the family is around.

You can also prevent your child from visiting pages with inappropriate content by installing programs that restrict access to certain websites. In this sense, be sure to build a relationship with your family based on trust and transparency.

Keeping tabs on teenagers’ social media:

As we said, social network is the environment where young people are most likely to suffer from cyberbullying. This is because it is a platform with the possibility to post and comment on any type of subject and to share photos and videos.

In this way, parents should check which social networks their children are subscribed to, educate them on good practices on these channels, and also monitor their interactions and shares.

Stimulate empathy:

One of the reasons that lead to cyberbullying is the lack of empathy, that is, acceptance of someone with different characteristics, beliefs, styles, or even preferences. In this sense, it is the role of the school to develop this socio-emotional skill with conversation circles on the topic, modern methodologies, encouraging teamwork, and other activities that make students reflect on the acceptance of others.

The family also needs to encourage an empathetic, collaborative, and altruistic attitude. This prevents the young person from becoming an aggressor and greatly improves their relationships.

In the same way, it helps his emotional balance and reduces the risks that he will reproduce prejudices. Thus, parents and schools must establish a partnership for the good development of the child.

Maintain dialogue between school and family:

There must be an integrated effort between the school and the families so that the number of cases of cyberbullying is smaller and smaller. A culture of ethics and respect for others can be encouraged in the school environment and reinforced by the parents of students at home. Only in this way will, awareness-raising projects become truly effective.

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