Things to Consider When Choosing Paint Colours for Your Office


Are you planning to redesign your office space? It’s good that you have decided to because your competitors have designed their facility in such a way that is pleasing and boosting productivity. In fact, today’s offices are focusing more on designing a comfortable and colourful office that provides mental clarity and calmness to the employees because about 80% of an employee’s day is spent on the office.

Traditionally, companies tend to select grey, natural beige, and white paint colours. But, other shades can also help create the ambience needed for a productive office, while some hues should be avoided. Now you can see shades like white and beige are pushed aside, and more expensive and inviting colours are making their way into the workplace.

Here, strata painters Sydney have shared some of the best tips for finding the best office colours:-

Colour Psychology

It is very important to know about colour psychology when it comes to strata painting Sydney. This is because; different colours can evoke various emotions in individuals. Hence, it is not enough to pick the right shade. You’ll have to consider the type of work that your employees do, your logo, and the prospective clients whom you are targeting. Blue is a universal office colour renowned for boosting productivity. It also helps people stay focused throughout the day. If you want your workforce to be inspired, paint the walls yellow as it has uplifting qualities and helps people be more creative. On the other hand, paint your office red if you want your team to be more physically active. However, red might be too intense for some people, so use different subtle reds with other colours. Get colour consultation from strata painters.

The Intensity of the Colour

Once you choose the colour for your office, you’ll have to think about how intense you want the shade to be. While a bright and bold shade is stimulating, subtle and softer versions of the hue tend to be more soothing. Many offices prefer lighter shades of green and blue as these colours can be soothing yet bright and inviting for your facility. On the other hand, you can go for darker shades but ensure not to overdo it. With darker shades, it is possible to make a statement.

Use Various Shades in Different Areas of Your Office

It is a good idea to select a combination of colours that work well together. Choose various shades for different areas, including reception, lobby, training and meeting rooms, and general office areas, to create the right vibe.

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