Things to Consider When Looking for Pickleball Shoes


Pickleball has taken the world by storm and is quickly becoming the new favourite sport. But with so many different brands of Pickleball shoes for women, how do you know which ones are best? Of course, finding the best pickleball shoes can be pretty challenging, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for or which features are the most important to you and your game. So if you’ve recently started playing pickleball, or are in the market for new shoes, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for pickleball shoes.

Grip/ Traction

The best women’s Pickleball shoes come in various shapes and sizes. The most important thing to consider is the grip. You want your pickleball shoes to have a good grip so that you don’t slide all over the court as you play. Some brands of pickleball shoes can offer better grip than others, so be sure to read reviews before making your purchase!

Cushioning/ Support

Cushioning and support are important, as they can keep your feet from fatiguing during a long game. Look for shoes that have plenty of cushioning in the insole or heel. You should also ensure ample arch support to avoid pain or discomfort in the foot.


Durability is a key concern when looking for the best Pickleball shoes for women. While you may be able to find cheap pickleball shoes, it’s important to factor in how long they are going to last. You want your shoes to be durable so you can use them repeatedly.


When picking the best pickleball shoes, you should consider the cost. You want a shoe that is going to last and one that is going to provide comfort. It’s worth spending the money on a good pair of shoes because you’ll be wearing them all the time rather than the cheapest one.


Pickleball shoes should be lightweight, comfortable, and have ample traction so you can move quickly. The key is finding the right shoe that best suits your foot type and playing style. Ensure to buy shoes with a low heel-to-toe drop, making it easier to run up and down the court.

Factor in these variables to help narrow your search for the best pickleballs shoes.

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