Things to Consider When Looking For Robotic Pool Cleaners


Cleaning is the most challenging and overwhelming part of having a swimming pool. It can be so annoying – the debris at the bottom of the swimming pool, algae, and those leaves the wind has been dumping on the pool. Not to mention about the things that fell in the pool or your furry friend made the pool dirty the last time you had a nice time with your family, friends, and dogs. It’s so overwhelming, right?

Cleaning the pool manually involves a lot of work. Most of us rely on a pool cleaning service. Of course, you could do it by yourself or hire someone to clean the pool regularly. But, tx35 pool cleaner or any robotic pool cleaner can do their best and help keep your pool in good shape throughout the year, regardless of the season. It’s worth investing in pool cleaners. But, how to find the best robotic pool cleaner? Make sure to consider these factors:-

Type of Your Swimming Pool

This is probably one of the most important things you need to consider before investing in robotic pool cleaners. When it comes to residential pool cleaners, in ground and above ground are the two major types. The type of your swimming pool helps to determine whether you’ll need in-ground or above-ground pool cleaners. It’s also essential to determine the elements and dimensions of your pool.

Does your pool have multiple slopes, steps, and inclines? You should look for cleaners that have the ability to climb steps and inclines. Be aware that not all robotic cleaners reach difficult corners or don’t climb steps. However, some machines can climb pool walls vertically. So, ensure the walls are sturdy enough for the machine to crawl and clean the area. Measure the dimension to ensure the cleaner has sufficient cord to reach every nook and corner of the pool.

Cleaning Cycles

Most pool cleaners will have several settings and cleaning cycles that can be programmed for. The regular setting determines the amount of time the machine will clean before shutting off. While some have multiple cycles, others have a single cycle. It’s important to ensure the cleaning cycles suits your cleaning needs.


Robotic cleaners are a significant investment. It’s important to make the most of your investment by choosing the right cleaners. Astral rpt pool cleaner price can vary from one merchant to another. Get the price quotes and compare the prices to find the one that suits your budget.

Remote Control and Connectivity

While some models can be controlled remotely, allowing you to control and monitor the cleaning cycle anytime from anywhere, others don’t. Hence, it should also be factored in based on your requirements.

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