Things to Consider When Painting a Commercial Space


Painting your commercial space will indeed revive its look. Boardrooms, meeting spaces, and offices will require a little touching up to make it look fresh. But, commercial painting job can turn out to be more stressful and complicated. See, painting your commercial space is an investment that should be approached strategically to avoid complications while getting the work completed and the look you want.

A good paint job can create a positive first impression on customers, attract new customers, and retain old consumers. Hence, updating the look of your property with a fresh paint job is important for your business. However, it is essential to hire office painters in Sydney to get the job done and can give your property the required makeover it needs to keep the customers engaged.

When it comes to the office painting Sydney project, there are certain things you need to consider and here are they:-

Scope of the Project

What is the scope and extent of the project? How many buildings need to be painted? How long will it take to complete the project? Some companies offer special discounts for painting a building when it is colder out. In addition to it, painting your winter may also cause minimum disruptions to the business operations. So, consider your business cycles and select the periods when the painting will cause minimum disruption to your operation.


Choosing the right colour is essential as it can have an impact on your employees and customers. But, it is often an overlooked aspect. Right colours can make your buildings more attractive and appealing to your consumers. Colours can break or make your business. It could be a difference between a dull property and a sparkling masterpiece. Considering colour psychology is crucial when painting your office. Get colour consultation from office painters Sydney as they can help choose the right shades according to your logo and business.


The safety of your clients and tenants should be a major priority. Ensure you choose the colours that don’t affect your employees and clients. Go for odourless paints to avoid certain problems for customers.

Choose the Right Contractor

Take time to select the right painting contractor for your office painting job. An experienced commercial painting contractor can provide the right suggestion to maximise the ROI. Ensure the contractors are licensed and bonded so that you can have peace of mind.

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