Things to consider while buying antique Persian rugs

If you are planning to buy Oriental Rugs, there are certain things you should consider. Read on the following post to know more.

Review the plot:

To distinguish handmade Antique Persian rugs nothing is better than seeing it upside down. The knots of the mechanical carpet is perfect and uniform. And you can see the white lines of the warp. Also, both sides of the design are likely to be the same.

On a handmade rug, the knots are not perfectly aligned and have different thicknesses in each area of ​​the fabric. This is due to tension differences, both of the loom and the weaver’s hand. It is what gives the special value of manual labor.

Observe the selvage or auction:

The tops, edges or selvage are located on the shorter sides of the carpet and are formed by finishing off the weft threads when the edge of the fabric is reached. These auctions are made to keep the threads firm and united and allow you to see details of the construction of the carpet. They are sewn by hand once the piece is finished.

In machine-made carpets, this work has a homogeneous and regular appearance since the machine cuts and holds the threads simultaneously.

Analyze the design:

Industrial designs are quite symmetrical and generally identical on one side and the other side of the piece. It is uncommon for them to have errors or imperfections.

In hand-woven carpets, there are often variations because the craftsman improvises or weaves from memory with an asymmetry that gives it a special character.

The designs of nomadic peoples are usually simpler and generally geometric. Those of sedentary artisans are more elaborate and detailed. A seasoned expert can determine quite accurately the origin of the piece by simply analyzing the drawings.

Look, touch, review:

There are several indications to keep in mind to know what kind of carpet we have in front of us – if a carpet is Persian, if it is oriental if it is handmade or machine-made, if it has a nice design, if it is soft and colorful.

In addition to all these elements, the price can be an indicator of its quality or origin. In general, a handmade Persian rug is two or three times more expensive than the rest.

Anyway, you always have to keep an eye and an attentive hand, and in case of doubt, it is advisable to buy only from Authentic Persian Rugs Store.





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