Things to Do Before and After Carpet Cleaning Company Arrives

No matter whether it is the wine stain or a coffee stain, if you don’t want to damage your favorite carpet, do not try to remove the stubborn stains on your own. Well, of course, you might save a few dollars initially if you don’t hire carpet cleaners but eventually you will have to pay double the price. Why? It’s because if you don’t have the right equipment and tools to clean the carpet, you will end up damaging it. So you see, you have to buy a new carpet.

However, if you are working with carpet cleaning professionals, you can save a lot of money and your old carpet will shine just like new. But you cannot just give a call to carpet cleaners and relax. If you want better results, there are a few things you should do before & after the team comes and goes. To help you understand what those things are, we have listed some of them below.

· Before!

o If required, vacuum the carpet so that all the dust and debris gets removed from it. This will also help the carpet cleaning team to finish the work on time.

o Dust and clean HVAC registers and baseboard. Once you have cleaned these things, you won’t have to dust them again sooner. So, your carpet will remain clean for a longer time.

o Move the furniture from the top of the carpet.

o Remove smaller items from the floor.

· After!

o Once the carpet is cleaned, keep your kids and pets off the damp carpet and let it dry.

o After the carpet is completely dry, slowly start shifting everything.

o And most importantly, do not allow anyone to eat near the carpet.

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