Things To Do on a Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, is rightfully known as the most opulent metropolis in the Persian Gulf. It has a sparkling cityscape, exotic nightlife, and filthy rich experiences, but one thing stands out: a desert safari in Abu Dhabi. Liwa desert camping cost is pretty reasonable for visitors.

Safari in Abu Dhabi, wildlife-watching in a Land Rover, and spending an evening immersed in entertainment in the heart of the desert in an Arabic tent accompanied by the majesty of nature are among the prime experiences of spending an adventurous day and monumental night in the huge Arabian Desert.


The immensity of the Arabian desert, rich experiences in the middle of the dunes, and a variety of engaging activities on a daily basis make a desert safari in Abu Dhabi an unforgettable experience. Choose from a variety of photographic trips, an exciting desert safari experience, an adventure-infused night safari, and a wonderful night out in the freezing desert – all of which are lighted in blue.


Abu Dhabi Night Safari displays the finest Arabian nights and is well worth a visit, with thrilling rides, Arabian music, and magnificent cuisine. A desert safari in Abu Dhabi offers a variety of activities, including picture-perfect mornings and vivid nights. We talk about how to make the most of a day in the magnificent Arabian desert!


  1. Sunrise – Photograph The Sun Rising Over The Dunes.


The enormous Arabian Desert is the spot to be at dawn when the sun shines the brightest and seems the largest near the horizon. Admire the golden splendor and relish in its grandeur. The morning is perhaps the most picturesque time of day in the desert.


  1. Explore The Arabian Desert Through Dune Bashing.


An exciting activity of the best desert safari in Abu Dhabi is a morning jeep safari ride in a 4×4 SUV through the vast Arabian Desert and the gusty wind and sand. Typically, the jeep would pick you up at the camp and take you on an amazing 30-minute journey.


  1. Camel Safari – Enjoy A Pleasant Stroll Over The Desert.


Camel safari is often a morning desert safari in Abu Dhabi, taking you on a thrilling 45-minute ride. Explore the desert fauna while riding the camel caravan through the Abu Dhabi Desert Conservation Reserve. Another highlight of the camel desert safari is the falcon show, in which visitors stroll around being photographed with the gorgeous bird.


  1. Sand Skiing – Feel The Rush Of Riding Across The Desert Sand.


Sand skiing is an exhilarating adventure unique to Abu Dhabi’s unbroken expanse of sand. There are a few dunes that reach heights of 200-300 meters and are perfect for sand skiing. That is the pinnacle. Feel the sand under your skis as you speed down.


  1. Ride Like An Expert With Quad-Riding.


Riding a quad bike in the Arabian desert is one of the most exhilarating activities available on an Abu Dhabi desert safari. Quad biking is ideal for adventure seekers on an Abu Dhabi trip since it allows you to go around the bends and explore the desert like an expert.


  1. Hot Air Ballooning Is A Thrilling Flight Over The Arabian Desert.


A hot air balloon safari provides an incredible 360-degree perspective of the vast Arabian desert. The hot air balloon, which can carry up to 24 people, causes an adrenaline rush as it soars high in the air, affording amazing vistas. The desert fauna, consisting primarily of gazelles and camels, may be seen in the surrounding region.


The desert safari experience is distinguished by the excellent lodging alternatives available amid the desert. These stays include night camping, music, dance, and delicious cuisine. Make a reservation soon!

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