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We all need internet today to complete and save our tasks on the cloud service or to stay connected with a friend or watch movies and videos. The Internet is a boon, but with that, we are also exposing our computer system to the cybercriminals and malicious actors. Anyone can fall victim to data theft. Thousands and millions of people fall prey to malicious activities. Hence, keeping the details, especially bank details are a supremely necessary. There are some methods that you should follow immediately if you notice some suspicious activity in your account. You may also get in touch with any expert Internet and Network Security providing company to make your device more secure.

Things To Do When Your Account Gets Compromised

Here are the lists of things you should do when the account is compromised


The cybercriminals have a variety of tactics to attempt the password breach to access your account. They can approach you through a fake email address, links or user-friendly software products. Through all the methods, a malicious person can gather critical information about you and bank account details. If you find some activity which you didn’t do, then you must immediately change the password of your account.

If you notice such activity continuously, then it is possible that your account password is compromised. Hence you will need to take the immediate action and change the password. While changing the password, you must ensure that you will create a long and unique password for your account.


Once you complete the password securing or changing the password, run a full system scan with a trusted antivirus program. Some antivirus programs are capable of providing internet security and eliminate the malware from the system. Simultaneously, these security products block or disable the upcoming attacks and inform the users before clicking any harmful links. The antivirus programs play a lead role in protecting the computer from severe attacks.


When you know that your account is compromised, then you must pay close attention to it. The best way the account secured is to keep changing the password frequently. In this way, the programmer will find it difficult to know the password and breach the account. The repeated username and password will give others the chance to get unauthorized access.


When confirmed that the account is compromised, you must report about the problem to the authorities. By noticing any suspicious activity, you must report about it so that you can prevent the reach to the critical information and details. If possible, then remove the crucial information so that the programmer cannot reach to it. Also, inform the others like your friends and family to prevent them from the attacks of the programmer.

Identity theft is growing day by day, and it apparently has become a most dangerous threat for the internet surfers. The internet is the only way through which a programmer can easily reach your computer. But the antivirus is always a friend to the computer, so keep it in your computer to protect your information and device.


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