Things to Keep in Mind Before Enrolling in a Student Emerging Leaders Program

Many schools offer student emerging leaders programs. With employers focusing more on job skills than college degrees, academic organisations have become more committed and active in helping their students develop a broad range of experiences and skills during their time in school so that they can stand out when they apply for jobs. This explains why there is a significant growth of various leadership programs and courses today.

It’s good to have a lot of options to choose from. But it can be a challenge to select the most suitable student emerging leaders program for you. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you choose a program:

Consider their leadership learning framework

All leadership programs are built upon learning frameworks, and this framework directs everything about the program—including the objectives, content, and teaching style. It shows you what you can expect to learn why you have to learn them, and how they will be delivered or taught. The best leadership programs use a research-based framework that focuses on enhancing skills and has been proven to be effective in raising student leaders.

Try free lessons and learning tools 

Another way to assess an organisation’s suitability is to try their lessons and use their learning tools. Usually, these resources are accessible for free so that potential students can get a glimpse of the curriculum. Try them out to check if you like their teaching style and how they deliver their lessons.

Choose a program that is aligned with the Australian curriculum 

Educational programs should follow certain standards and objectives. When looking for a student emerging leaders program, you have to check if it is aligned with the Australian curriculum and state-based curriculum.

Think about the method of delivery

Online leadership courses are popular today because they offer convenience and flexibility. They are ideal for students who lead busy lives because they can integrate and adapt them to their schedules. Online courses can also maximise learning experience because you can take one instructional video at a time, pause it to take notes, and make sure you understand everything before moving forward.

About the Author:
Author: Richard Sharp

“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced” John Keats

This quote continues to inspire my pursuit of delivering authentic, long-term online learning opportunities for K-12 students and educators. As a former classroom teacher, senior faculty member and current district school board member, I take great pride in sharing my education insights towards technology enhanced learning in the student leadership and future skills of the workforce curricular areas.




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