Things To Keep in Mind When Stopped By Traffic Police

It’s far from exciting to get pulled over by the police as you drive the car. It does not necessarily mean, however, that you have committed any offence. Mostly, what is being done is just a routine traffic police inspection. The situation should be treated in a calm and respectful manner in the case of any kind of offense as well. If you ever get pulled over by the police, here are some tips that might help.

What documents does the traffic police call for?

Holding these original documents in the car at all times is mandatory for car owners:

  • Certificate of Vehicle Registration
  • Pollution under Control (PUC)
  • Driving license
  • Car insurance policy

What rights do the traffic police have when they stop you for inspection?

The following are the police rights if they pull you over:

  1. In the event of suspicion or when they do a routine search, the traffic police have the right to pull you over and see the above-mentioned documents.
  2. The officer is authorized to confiscate your papers in case of a crime, but they must have a  receipt for the same. They can even arrest you for certain crimes, such as driving while intoxicated.
  3. The traffic police officer can confiscate your driving license in case of suspicion, but they must provide you with an acknowledgement of it.

When pulled over by the traffic police, what rights do you have?

You can ask them for identification. You can note down their buckle number or ask for their ID if they are not wearing one. In case they refuse to do so, you can also refuse to show them your documents.

  • Present your driving license, but you do not need to hand it over.
  • If your driving license is seized by the police, they must have the same receipt or e-challan given by the Department of Traffic Police.
  • If you are being towed, it can not be done with a person within the vehicle.
  • You can file a report about the incident at your local police station or online if the situation turns bitter or you believe you’re being unfairly harassed.
  • The challan can only be issued if a legitimate government-issued Challan book or an e-challan generator is held by the police officer.
  • Only if the police officer is a sub-inspector or of greater rank will the fine be charged on the spot.
  • Know that the police can’t force you to get out of your car or physically take away your keys.

What details are you supposed to search in a Challan given by the traffic police?

  • The name and other specifics of the court that will conduct the hearing.
  • Mention of the breach
  • Trial Date
  • Name, the offender’s address
  • The signature and name of the challan-issuing officer
  • Mention of any other required papers.


Try to remain calm and composed, in case you are pulled over. Turn the ignition off and roll down your window. Pullover to the place. Remember to be respectful and polite. There is nothing to think about if you have not committed an offence. When an offence has been committed, follow the law and pay the fines, there are no exceptions in that situation.
E-challan, which is simply a challan in electronic form, was introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) to mitigate the cons of physical challan copy. The new RTO-challan framework ensures that the way fines are collected from vehiclists is transparent. E-challans also ensure that the payment is credited directly to the concerned RTO’s account. Visit Finserv MARKETS to learn more about e-challans and their benefits.

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