Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Cheap Promotional Umbrellas

You can use almost anything as a promotional product. Pens, notebooks, and even coffee mugs are popular among customers of all ages. However, if you’re looking for something a little more versatile and long-lasting, a cheap promotional umbrella is the best way to go!

Finding the best cheap promotional umbrellas for your business

Promotional umbrellas offer one thing you can’t get with a branded pen or a custom badge: space. These items boast a wide surface where you can print everything from your company logo to a short message. Moreover, they are built to last, protecting users from rain and intense sunlight.

But before all that, you must first find the ideal promotional umbrella for your business. Here are some of the most important factors to consider:

  • Material

Umbrellas can be made of different materials, including nylon, polyester, plastic, satin, and pongee. Each fabric has its advantage—for instance, tightly woven nylon can effectively block UV rays, while plastic is easy to customise and affordable.

However, if you’re looking for a material that can effectively withstand stretching and shrinking, polyester is the way to go. Like nylon, this fabric can dry incredibly fast after being exposed to moisture, but polyester’s advantage is that it doesn’t change shape due to humidity.

  • Design

Once you’ve found the suitable material for your umbrellas, it’s time to think about their design. First, make sure the umbrella’s colour reflects your brand. You can also choose a colour that complements your logo—for example, blue works best with orange and black with white.

Then, consider the elements you want to place on the umbrella. Are you going for something minimal and simple, only printing your logo? Or do you want to utilise the space to its fullest and include your company name, contact details, and a short message?

  • Additional features

Last but not least, find an umbrella that will make your customers happy. For instance, you can look at some of its other features, such as the shaft material and the handle. You may also consider the opening mechanism of the umbrella, whether it should be opened manually or comes with an automatic button.


Thankfully, experienced suppliers in Australia offer durable yet cheap promotional umbrellas for businesses. They can even customise the products according to your needs, helping you save cash and time!

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