Things to know about converting Magento 1 module to Magento 2 online

Magento 2 is the new and updated version of Magento, one of the leading open-source e-commerce platforms on the market for the implementation of B2B and B2C business models. To give us an idea of the strength and importance to convert Magento 1 module to Magento 2 online, this company was recently acquired by Adobe, which makes Magento one of the most important investments in the sector. Currently, Magento and Magento 2 together comprise no less than 13.7% of the market share of the global e-commerce sector.

Both the new evolution Magento 2 and its predecessor version Magento 1 are currently in the e-commerce sector. If you have come this far, it is likely because you are interested in creating a new e-commerce portal with this platform. It may be because you use other software for your e-commerce that does not meet your expectations. Or because your e-commerce is developed on Magento 1 and you want to find out why and how you should migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2 in the short term, what migration of this type entails, and what improvements would bring you upgrading from convert magento 1 to magento 2.

My eCommerce is Magento 1 Now what?

As we have mentioned before, the main limitation for Magento 1 is for July 2020. But what does this mean? Will my online store stop working on July 21, 2020?

This is a question that some owners of online stores in Magento 1 have asked us. NO, your online store will not stop working on July 21, 2020. Magento 1 will simply stop having official support, so there will be no more security patches and Magento will stop trying to improve this version of its platform.

From this, we obtain two conclusions. First, if you are the owner of an eCommerce based on Magento 1, the ideal is to propose an update from Magento 1 to 2 to continue to have official support and have a long-term eCommerce.

So, if your question is of the type Should I go from convert magento 1 extension to magento 2? Simply yes, going from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2 is highly recommended.

On the contrary, if you do not currently use this ecommerce platform and want to leap at this fantastic opensource tool to develop your online store, your logical option is to develop your new e-commerce in the most updated version.

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