Things to Know About Lilyfield + Places to See

Lilyfield is a beautiful suburb of Sydney in New South Wales. It covers an area of 2.159 square kilometres and has a recorded population of 7617 residents. Lilyfield is quiet by nature but it’s defined by amazing architecture that mirrors its intriguing history, Iron Cove and surrounding parklands. 

The suburb is pretty family orientated and progressively active where a healthy and fun lifestyle is highly encouraged. If you’re planning to visit Lilyfield or even buy a house, here are some things you must know and some of the things to see or do while you’re here. 

Lovable Lifestyle 

Lifyfield belongs to one of the Inner West’s most prosperous neighbourhoods. It may be quiet but the people and the place itself are endearing. Their lifestyle includes foreshore parklands on Iron Cove and urban streets stuffed with cottages that remind of the suburb’s working-class heritage.

A huge part of this suburb is parkland – Callan and Leichhardt Parks that goes down to the seacoast of Iron Cove. Callan Park was originally an estate that became a psychiatric hospital. Today, it’s home to the University of Sydney College of Fine Arts, NSW Ambulance Education Centre, and NSW Writers’ Centre. 

Locals love to bring their furry best friends to play in the scenic and peaceful grounds around the heritage-listed sandstone establishments. 


For so many generations that have already passed by, a lot of families have been held close to their homes. Today, Lilyfield has had an increase of newbies like professionals, young families, and mature-aged couples looking to downsize. So, if you’re planning to look for houses for sale in Lilyfield, this might be the place for you! Even the students from Sydney College of Fine Arts started to call Lilyfield their homes too. 


You don’t need to worry about your kitchen needs. The Orange Grove Farmers’ Market is the best place where you can shop for fresh seasonal produce, sustainable fair trade homewares, and even boutique fashion. 

They are open every Saturday from 8 am. You may grab something to munch on from one of the many stalls dishing up mouth-watering flavours and shop for fresh seasonal produce, artisan bread and gourmet delicacies. It’s where you would want to spend your Saturday morning as dozens of stalls are prepared every week selling almost everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to bread to cheese and even flowers. 

Leichhardt Park Aquatic Center

This aquatic park has always been a hub of activity all year round. They like to boast about their new facilities like their outdoor and indoor heated swimming pools, together with a children’s pool and a diving pool. The Leichhardt Park Aquatic Center has an impressive gym too! Aside from that, they provide swimming lessons for adults and children and the entire complex is open to the public during the year. The Leichhardt Aquatic Centre is also home to the foreshore parklands of Leichhardt Park and Leichhardt Sporting Grounds. 

The famous Bay Run and cycling paths run through the park and there are available picnic and playground facilities. It’s an amazing place for a weekend picnic with the family. 

If you’re looking for some energetic activity or a casual swim, then head straight to the park where the admission fee is only $7.80 for an adult swim ticket.

Iron Cove Bridge

Interestingly, the original 1882 structure of the Iron Cove Bridge was altered and updated in 1955 to create the framework that you see today. You should definitely not miss this opportunity to visit the bridge as the design of this 4 lane bridge also adds elements and details of the Inter-War Art Deco style that was famous at the time. 

Le Montage

Le Montage is formerly called the Apnea Club that has had near relation with Sydney’s Italian community since World War II, and now the Navara family are the owners who have changed it into one of the city’s premier event venues. It holds a reputable position overlooking Iron Cove and sits perfectly on the water’s edge with its own landing place. 

Then in 2010, the designer Garth Barnett supervised the club’s multi-million dollar renovation which has given the establishment overflowing with class and sophistication. 

In 2010 the designer Garth Barnett oversaw the club’s multi-million dollar renovation which has left the establishment brimming with class and elegance.

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