Things To Know About Metal Recycling & Its Pick Up In Sydney!

Everybody is all too familiar with recycling materials such as plastic, paper, and even wood. But did you know that metals can be reused too? In fact, Sydney metal recycling is quite a large industry!

What Metals Can You Recycle?

There are two general categories of metals: ferrous, or those that contain iron, and non-ferrous, which don’t have any iron.

Ferrous metals can further be classified as alloy steel, carbon steel, cast steel, and wrought iron. These materials are primarily used in cars, ship containers, industrial piping, and commercial tools.

Meanwhile, non-ferrous metals make up a broad spectrum of materials. These include aluminium, copper, lead, zinc, and tin. Usually, they are used in roofing sheets, wires, trains, and even outdoor signboards.

If you own an old or damaged car, for example, you can have it scrapped for recyclable metal. The average vehicle contains about 20kg of copper, mostly found in its electronic components and sensors. You can easily a few hundred dollars with the right scrap metal recycler!

Fortunately, all metals mentioned above are recyclable. However, some scrap metal recyclers may not accept materials that are too dangerous, such as:

  • Radioactive Metals

The chances of you owning something that contains uranium or plutonium are low; however, it’s still better to be safe than sorry. Avoid bringing radioactive metals to your local recycler, or you will risk harming other people.

  • Mercury

Your parents have probably warned you about using mercury thermometers as a kid, and this isn’t a baseless myth. The element is known for being toxic, posing a particular threat to pregnant women and children. It’s impossible to recycle it as scrap.

  • Contaminated Cans

Food and beverage cans are common sources of scrap aluminium; however, make sure to clean them before heading to your local metal recycler. This includes paint and motor oil cans that may contain harmful chemicals.

Why You Should Choose For Sydney Metal Recycling

Metal recycling doesn’t just benefit you. Sure, it can earn you some cash. But more importantly, the process can save the environment.

It’s no secret that mining a serious amount of energy and releases toxic compounds into the air and the sea. On the other hand, metal recycling mainly consists of mechanical processes, such as collection, sorting, and transportation. The only procedures that require much energy are melting, purification, and solidifying.

Overall, recycling metals instead of mining for new resources can significantly reduce the need for destructive processes and help the economy thrive.

The Best Place To Get Metal Recycling In Sydney

Planning to have a few hundred kilograms of scrap metal recycled? You can always look to us for help!

Here at Metal Force Recycling, our scrapping process is simple:

  1. Call 0403 191 732 and give us your information, including your contact details, scrap type, and estimate weight

Get your free quote

  1. Receive your cash!

We will buy all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, plus our prices are incredibly fair! Just make sure to remove any impurities and clean the metal before calling for our services!

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