Things to Know About Nail Extensions

First of all, don’t just go anywhere to have nail extensions. Visit a reputable nail salon to have nails extensions done by an expert nail technician. Have fun getting your beautiful nails, but be aware of new trends as well as the consequences for Nail Art Extensions. Below are the 6 facts to know about nail extensions before you try it:

1. Its Costly and Takes a Lot of Time

If you’re planning to have new nails, be aware of all facts. It is important to know that nail extensions aren’t inexpensive. They can cost to Rs 600–5000. It is expensive, but it’s also contingent on the salon you select. Furthermore, it requires some time to repair the extensions. It could take as long as 1–1.5 hours for the nail technician to complete your nails. Make sure you have time and be ready to go through the process!

2. There are Two Kinds

Many people aren’t aware about this fact; however there are two kinds of nail extensions at Nail Salon in Ghaziabad you can apply Gel and acrylic. They appear similar, but they are two distinct things. When we speak of acrylics artificial nail tips, the tip is glued to nail lengths, and the powder and liquid are mixed and applied to it. On the other hand the gel nail extensions are applied with a mix that is then applied to the nail bed. For nails with shorter lengths it is recommended to stick with the gel extensions.

3. Makes Your Real Nails Brittle

The people who purchase extensions for their nails usually understand what the issue is. The entire process is damaging to your nails. The nail bed gets soft, and you should be careful when removing them too. It could take 3–4 days for the nails recover the strength they lost to return back to their original condition. Extensions for nails made of acrylic can affect the health of your nails and reduce their quality more than gel extensions.

4. They’re Not as Effective as Real Nails.

If you believe that nail extensions work exactly like your natural nails, that’s an illusion. Your real nails are different from the artificial set. They may feel nice however, they’re not the best choice when you are required to perform house chores or work at work. It is not possible to do all things you can with extensions, just like what you can do using your actual nails.

5. Extensions to Nails Last for About Up to 4–5 Weeks

Nail extensions aren’t permanent! They last for about approximately 4–6 weeks. This is contingent on the nail extension quality and the nail salon you go to. They only last for two weeks because there is an in-between between your acrylic extensions and the cuticle once your nail starts developing slowly. The actual nails do not get enough breathing space, which can prove to be quite irritating.


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