Things to know about Resins

What is Resin?

Epoxy resins are a two component system consisting of resin and hardener. These components are mixed in a ratio to form a solid plastic which can be used not only for industrial purposes and boat buildings, but also in art. Thus besides can also be used in floor tables, pictures, jewellery, or sculptures can also be cast.

Avant Resin Epoxy Crystal Coating 5Kg
The trend of resins was initially popular in USA, Canada and Australia but is now gaining popularity across the globe due to its art that brings clarity, depth and an idea to the craft.

What makes them a great product for art?

Epoxy resins possess some key properties which makes them a fine option for artists, these are:

· High strength

· Low shrinkage

· Excellent adhesion to various substrates

· Effective electrical insulation

· Low cost and low toxicity


The uses of epoxy based adhesives are extensive and include coatings, paints, aerospace applications, craftworks, marine applications, industrial tooling and composites and much more.

If you are a DIY person or like experimenting, you will feel amazing to work with resin. They can be used to finish drawings, photos and pictures (made of oil, acrylic, alcohol ink, watercolour, ink, mixedmedia, etc.)

They are also used to create unique tabletops, wood crafts and geode art which forms a great pieces of work because of their depth and luminosity and brilliance.

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