Things to Know About Student Visa Consultant for Canada in India

It is a dream for many students to study abroad in a country full of opportunity and exposure. And Canada is one of them. Recent news shows that almost 15,6171 Indian students got permits to study in Canada from 2020. 

However, post covid there was a slight drop in numbers due to travel restrictions. Gladly, Immigration Services in Chandigarh are unstoppably providing end-to-end guidance to students. 

In this article, you will learn about the most asked question regarding Student visa consultant for Canada.

Hire the Best Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh


You can rely on the immigration consultancies on the basis of their successful Immigration Student Visa rates.

Choosing a country to study in is a tedious process for many students. And it is the sole responsibility of the consultancy to provide them unbiased information with full dedication. 

In any terms, the services and charges should always be transparent with students. And the time frame should not be a barrier to communication. 

Does Canada give student visas easily?

Many old-established immigration consultancies in India guide them accordingly to get their visa on time.

There are certain eligibility criteria for students to fulfill to get hassle-free entry on the land of Canada.

How much is a bank balance you should have for a Canadian student visa?

According to the Citizenship and Immigration Department of Canada, a student and his/her family must have a required amount of money in their bank account to stabilize the living situation and bear the expenses. 

However, the rules may change with time and years as well. That is why you need to talk to the immigration services in Chandigarh.

Does a Canadian student visa get rejected?

There is a long process to attain a visa in your hand. And it can get rejected in any middle of the steps. 

To prevent this situation, immigration consultant experts make sure to train you and guide you through every crucial process. Major reasons for student visa rejection are not fulfilling all the necessary criteria for failing a visa interview. 

How much does a student visa consultant for Canada charge?

Since the expenses may vary based on your profile or the choice of the visa program, you can reach out to our team of experts for immigration services in Chandigarh. Or you can visit the website to access the information related to charges and other relevant details. 

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