Things to know about the 5 panel oral swab drug test

In today’s world, most people are collapsing into drugs and substance abuse. Whether it is a method to cope up or to boost their physical capacities, the underlying point remains that they are using something unhealthy, and that makes them quite unreliable.

If you are an employer, it is only natural that you want to be able to trust your employees. If someone is addictedto drugs, then the chances are that they might relapse into it even during working hours. Turning up late, not being available for work are some of the most usual experiences with heavy drug users.

In such cases, it becomes essential that you purchase a 5 panel oral swab drug test before the recruitment process. It is quite easy to operate, and you will be able to filter out your candidates more appropriately. The Alco screen test strips are quite reliable and provide sufficiently correct results.

Why is the 5 panel oral swab drug test preferred?

This test can be used to detect drug use within the last few days. Saliva is used to detect the presence of alcohol, marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, and other prevalent drugs in use.

A unique feature is that they are inexpensive, and the saliva is easy to collect too! It is one of the simplest and fastest ways of drug detection available! Most employers check for cocaine, marijuana, opioids, PCP, and amphetamine. It is advantageous if you want to know that your shortlisted candidates do not consume drugs!

When are these tests usually taken?

Most job seekers have to go through the Alco screen test just after they have received the job offer. Most of these letters are subjected to the condition of clearing the drug test. Some companies might also ask you to go for this test during promotions too!

Usually, the candidates are informed two to three days prior to the testing. Even if an employer decides to conduct surprise tests, the terms and conditions need to be stipulated beforehand. Moreover, you need to inform your employees of the measures that can be taken against them if the tests are found to be positive.

It is also recommendable to remember that any drug test can also give false-positive results. Thus, in such cases, you need to have the flexibility to allow disputes to arise.

As an employer, it is correct to want only the ablest people to have the job. However, the people who have relapsed into drugs and other substance abuse might often need help too. In case you have any opportunity for tasks that do not require huge responsibility all the time, it is also advisable (from a humanitarian ground) that you provide them with an opportunity to do better. In such cases, you can be more flexible with your anti-drug policies and make the candidates come out of their drug abuse by providing them a chance for a fresh start!

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