Things to Know Before Buying a Spray Foam Rig

Choosing the best spray foam rigs requires understanding the needs of the job. The result is an effective and reliable trailer that boosts your overall business efficiency when you invest in the right equipment. These are the things you should consider before choosing your spray foam rig.

Define the Purpose of Your Spray Foam Rig and Its Use

You first need to determine the key use of the proper spray foam rig. For starters, a rig used for roofing would be different from one for insulation. For residential uses, you will want to use a rig that is typically different from the one used for commercial use.

You need the best spray foam rigs to achieve production of around 5 to 8 pounds per minute (PPM). For residential uses, something under 15 PPM to 20 PPM, like an air-driven machine, will operate well.

What Types of Projects Do You Work On?

Whether you are looking for a spray foam rig or building a custom spray foam insulation system, knowing how to properly configure and equip your trailer for enhanced productivity is essential.

You should start by considering how the rig will be used and what kind of insulation material you will be spraying. Do you work on small or large commercial or industrial projects? Will industrial roof or wall insulation be your main focus? Once you know this, you can order a spray foam gun.

Think About Size, Style and Transport

For residential to mid-size industrial spray foam projects, smaller spray foam rigs, such as compact units, tag-along trailers, and box trucks up to 20 feet, are suitable. For large commercial jobs, you may need a custom-built spray rig.

Large spray rigs can be used on both small and large projects. For industrial spray foam applications, large spray foam systems (20 feet or more) are ideal. It is also possible to use handheld spray foam rigs to spray some polyurea applications and/or upgrade them to a complete turnkey polyurea spray rig.

All spray foam rigs, including spray foam machines, spray guns, heated hose lengths, compressors, and power supply options are available in various sizes, layouts, and colors.

It is important to understand the various options that are available before you order a spray foam gun or build a custom spray rig. Explore different styles and understand the requirements to do the job as best you can.

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