Things to know before buying shoes online In Dubai

After covid-19, people have turned towards shoes online shopping rather than visiting offline stores in the present scenario. Online shopping seems easy and convenient, especially when you hate visiting stores physically in the streets of Dubai. However, you need to keep a few tips in mind to purchase the perfect pair of footwear.

Measure your feet

Before purchasing shoes online, you must measure your feet to know the proper size to fit you perfectly. Otherwise, it can slip out of your feet and make walking or running uncomfortable.

Put your feet on a white page, stand straight, and outline your foot. Now, use a ruler to measure your feet. After visiting the website, and selecting the shoe, view their size chart and look for the size that fits you.

Know your purpose

You must understand the purpose of purchasing a shoe. For example, if you want a stylish, comfortable, and breathable shoe for girls, a crocs sneaker can be significant. Runners may look for zero-drop shoes, and modern women may need fashionable sandals.

Pick a trusted website.

Once you know your requirements, you need to choose a trusted website to buy shoes online or purchase a pair of footwear directly from the manufacturer’s website. You may get additional discounts or gift coupons from them.

Look for the desired style.

Now, search for the desired styles on the website. Look which design suits your feet so that you can carry them elegantly. Comfort matters the most when it comes to apparel and footwear. A good-looking shoe may not be comfortable; however, with Crocs, you get all comfortable varieties of shoes.

Read product description/specifications

After selecting the desired style and type of shoe, you must read the product description that includes the shoe’s materials, how to clean them, their durability, what makes them different from others, etc.

Policy check

A Policy-check is essential before you place an order while buying shoes online UAE offers; including returns and exchange policy.

Read reviews

Never miss out on reading reviews. However, some among them may be fake; you need to look into several reviews to understand its quality after delivery and customer satisfaction.

Check payment gateway

When you make payments, ensure you are doing it through a secure payment gateway, as the internet is not safe to put your bank account details.

First-order for trial

If you are purchasing footwear from a new company, remember to buy one for trial. If it suits you or your product quantity, you can shop for others from the brand.

Try them immediately

After delivery, you must try them immediately, and if it doesn’t fit you well, directly apply for an exchange or ask for refunds on returning the product.

Here are a few things you need to consider while purchasing footwear online. You can also take suggestions from close ones who have already purchased shoes from a trusted website.


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