Things to Know before Choosing the Ski Racks for SUVs

Do you want to participate in trekking or expeditions across snowy mountain areas? You should look for the best ski racks for SUVs, cars, and other similar types of vehicles. The4 main function of a ski rack for cars and other vehicles is that it keeps the interior of your vehicle uncluttered and clean. Indeed, you get more room for cargo and passengers. However, before you should go to buy ski racks for your cars or SUVs, you have to know a few essential things, which we have shared in this blog post.

Types or styles of Snowboards and Skis

Adventure lovers looking for compatible hanging style racks should look for hitch-mounted ski racks for bikes and other expedition-related items

Crossbar-mounted ski racks for vehicles, which are available as aftermarket roof rack crossbars and existing factory crossbars

Hitch-Mounted Racks

If your car or vehicle does not allow mounting snowboards and skis onto its roof, you may choose to mount them onto the SUV’s hitch. For this, you have to install a hitch-mounted rack for your SUV. The reason is that a hitch-mount rack holds boards and skis vertically in locking and rubberized clamps. Such racks work as an excellent alternative for all types of vehicles, which do not allow any roof mount. However, hitch-mounted racks categorize as the best ski racks for SUVs, based on the following positivities:

Works Well for Short Trip

If you want a few extra gears to experience a short trip, you should consider hitch racks as perfect solutions. As hanging style racks, they place every item you need, like snowboards, kayaks, cargo baskets, bicycles, and paddleboards at the back of your car/SUV without any hassle.

Allows Easy to Access

Hitch racks are easily accessible products to carry your snowboards and ski items. Moreover, when you use a hitch rack, you may access any item while moving on the road by simply hopping and getting it.

Crossbar-mounted Racks for Skis and Snowboards

Crossbar-mounted snowboards and ski racks are easy-to-use racks available for SUVs and car owners. It attaches a pair of racks to the crossbars and places the boards or skis on the rubber platform. Later, you have to clamp down its rack and lock it. Snowboards and skis lock into crossbar-mounted racks and the racks lock to crossbars. The positive aspects of crossbar-mounted racks are-

Preferable for Long Trip

Expedition lovers who want to go for a long trip for snow adventures must consider crossbar mounted racks, as they carry every item safely. Furthermore, these racks do not make your snowboards and skis dirty while travelling for many hours.

To Carry Bulky Equipment

Want to carry many snow adventure gears with you, choose crossbar-mounted racks. As a versatile rack, it allows you to carry many bulky outdoor items without any risk related to damage to the inner/outer parts of the vehicle and your gears.

Key Aspects of Cross-bar Mounted Racks

Snowboard and ski racks are available in two different sizes. The large one can fit a maximum of 4 snowboards and 6 skis pairs. In contrast, the small racks may carry 2 snowboards and 4 pairs of skis. However, good companies may sell several other best ski racks for SUVs to carry different numbers of skis and snowboards.

In most cases, both carriers or racks have wide bases to fit modern snowboards and skis. They also include universal mourning hardware to fit perfectly to square, round, factory, and aerodynamic bars. However, small racks or carriers are the best to fit next to an accessory, including a cargo box placed on the rooftop.


Ski and snowboard racks are the safest and most convenient way to carry snowboards and other similar sports gear while going for snowy adventures. However, the selection of a particular type depends on your journey requirements and types of gear.

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