Things to Know Before Selling Your Bitcoins at a Fair Price



There are many reasons why people choose to invest in cryptocurrency. Some believe that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the future of money, while others see it as a way to invest in something new and exciting. Many investors also see it as a hedge against inflation or a safe haven during economic downturns.


If you’re thinking of buying cryptocurrencies, it’s also important to know how to sell Bitcoins in Nigeria. Here are some things to keep in mind before selling your Bitcoins so you can get a fair price.


The best way to sell

These days, you’ll find different ways to sell Bitcoins—including online cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Bitcoin ATMs, and direct P2P (peer-to-peer) transactions onsite or online. If you want to be safe, the best way to sell Bitcoins in Nigeria is to use a secure platform that is fast, reliable, and doesn’t charge high service fees. You’ll want to verify where the platform is based and ensure it’s in Nigeria with a physical address.


There’s an app for that.

Some apps make it easier to sell Bitcoins in Nigeria. They have up-to-date rates you can compare with other selling platforms to know which can provide a fair price. Be sure to choose a safe and reputable app you can download directly from Google Play or the App Store, with market-leading rates, good reviews, and a track record of providing convenience to users.


Customer support

Sell Bitcoins only through a platform or an app with dependable round-the-clock customer support you can access via live chat or WhatsApp. If you have concerns, you can always contact the support team for answers.


Withdrawing the funds

Make sure you are ready to withdraw the funds after you sell Bitcoins in Nigeria. Most people move Bitcoin into cash by withdrawing the cash to their bank accounts through wire transfer or using an automated clearing house after selling. Some may transfer their money via SEPA. Such systems are not perfect and may take a long time to complete the transfer. So, make sure you’re comfortable and feel secure using a withdrawal method, and be sure to choose a bank that allows withdrawing money from selling Bitcoins.


What others are saying

Research a prospective platform for selling Bitcoins in Nigeria and read the user feedback for a clearer idea of its performance and reliability. If you want to be safe, try Quchange. It’s a trusted and reliable way to sell Bitcoins in Nigeria.


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