Things to Know Before Starting Stationery Shop in Dubai

You may be wondering about doing a business of stationery in Dubai. And you are not wrong. You can very well do this business there because stationery in Dubai is always in demand due to the existence of so many establishments. You have to select the target audience and plan accordingly. You will find an open arena because the business is in its inception and you can do a lot of progress and growth there. Sometimes, people are tempted to sell off their businesses once they find out their initial lags. You should hold your fort and go on surviving. In the long run, you will taste success. Stationery in Dubai is always scarce because there are not many players. So, with some patience, you can build your future there doing this business. You should have a niche market or you can make your visibility during some events. once you establish that, the business will begin creeping in and soon you will be flooded with orders. Later on, you can expand your business in different territories.

Plan well: you should have a proper business plan in place and later you can build accordingly. The plan will give you direction and the rest is your dedication and dream. You can start your business at home also, to begin with. You may go on to have a franchise also that will take care of the marketing part. But you should have a detailed plan of business.

  • Pre-manufactured products or you will create your own
  • Plan about the equipment and tools you require
  • What should be your business strategy?
  • How will you market the product?
  • How many staff you will need?
  • Think about opening a business current account and fix up a bank
  • You should set up an accounting system and hire accountants and chartered accountants.
  • You should do the cost analysis. Do the breakup of the cost of production and you should develop your vision.
  • If you don’t have a vision of your own, you may hire or take a template of vision. If you believe in it, just follow it.

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