Things to know before visiting an eye doctor

To maintain crystal-clear vision and ensure good eye health for a lifetime, it is necessary to visit an eye doctor regularly. This will keep various eye diseases away. A lot of eye conditions are there that have no symptoms or signs in the initial stages.

The best eye doctor in Dubai will help you with early diagnosis, and you will receive top-notch treatment. Some of the things that you need to know before paying a visit to the eye doctor are as follows:

Know your medical history:

Your eye doctor will ask you questions like what kind of problems you are experiencing or from when you are having such problems. So, you need to stay prepared with all the answers.

You may want your eye doctor to know if you are taking any medicine that might be impacting your vision. Also, tell them if you had any previous eye problems.

Try to avoid self-diagnosis:

The eye is highly sensitive, and self-diagnosis is not only misleading but can prove to be very stressful. Stop looking over the internet and try treating yourself.

Instead, visit the best eye specialist in Dubai because they are armed with years of experience in treating various types of eye conditions.

Look for a good eye doctor:

Selecting the best eye specialist is stressful. To start with it, you may take the suggestions from your general physician because they can refer you to a good eye doctor. Get suggestions from your friends, family members, and co-workers.

Also, you may look for the best doctors online. But before you choose, go through the reviews to see how efficient they are. Choose a doctor who has the best degree, has the right expertise in the field of eye care, and is armed with superior communication skills.

Distinguish between the kinds of eye doctors available:

Three kinds of eye doctors are there: optometrists, opticians, and ophthalmologists. The optometrists do the vision tests and prescribe corrective contact lenses and eyeglasses, and may provide pre-and post-operative care.

The opticians specialize in corrective lenses and help you to achieve clear vision. And the ophthalmologists prescribe lenses and glasses and also perform eye diagnoses and eye surgeries.

Expect a thorough examination:

You will need to undergo a series of tests that will help your eye doctor accurately determine the problem you have.

One of the most common exams is the visual acuity test, where your eye doctor will ask you to read an eye chart to determine how good you see at different distances. You may need to go through a color blindness test, cover test, ocular motility, visual field test, retinoscopy, refraction, glaucoma test, and pupil dilation.

A lot of people get stressed while planning to visit an eye doctor. If you are one of them, you may ask someone trustworthy to visit the doctor with you so that they can ask all the necessary questions. Whatever you do, do not ignore any eye condition as it may lead to permanent blindness.

You may consult Dr. Mamta Mittal because she is armed with over two decades of experience and has successfully restored the vision of several people across the globe.

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