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The refrigerator is considered to be an important appliance in our home. It is most commonly referred to as the fridge. So, you should always consider finding the appropriate models for your unique needs.

There are several considerations that you need to make while buying a fridge. It involves consideration of several factors such as its capacity and whether it possesses a bottom freezer or a top-mount freezer. 

Here is given a complete buying guide that you need to consider at the time of purchasing a fridge. 

  1. Number Or Style Of Doors

First of all, you need to decide what kind of fridge you require. In the market, you can easily find the availability of many different kinds of refrigerators. So, while you buy one, you need to decide specifically in terms of what you and your family will exactly need. 


  • Direct Cool Single Door


Specifically, single door fridges are considered to be an ideal option for small families or any single person. It mainly comes without a frost-free function and also, it has a single door. 

This indicates that the freezer will take up a part of the space present inside the fridge. It is needed to be defrosted manually from time to time by pressing of the Defrost button. 


  • Frost Free Double Door


Specifically, the double door fridges possess auto to defrost functionality for families. These fridges have separate compartments for the fresh food and also the freezer. 

To prevent any ice build-up, these fridges have the possession of frost-free models for the circulation of constant airflow.

Also, the vegetable tray present inside the fridge is relatively bigger than that of the single door fridges. So, these are considered to be the best options for families of four or above people. When compare to the single door fridges, they possess more shelf space. 

  • Some other options are the top-mount freezers, bottom freezer, side-by-side freezer, and French-style or multi-door fridge. 
  1. Capacity

The next thing which you need to decide is the size of the fridge that you need. It is generally measured in terms of the interior capacity. 

In this regard, the first consideration that you need to make is considered to be the family size. A large capacity fridge is an ideal option for those who have a family of 6 or more people. 

While buying a fridge, you need to carefully think about the space which you need. You do not require a fridge of large capacity in case you order takeaways or eat out frequently. 

But, if you shop for vegetables and fruits in bulk, then, a fridge must be provided with greater storage. Also, if you store a lot of the bottles in the fridge, then, all that, you need is to opt for bigger door pockets. 

  1. Price

Another major concern is the price of the fridge and it will specifically decide how many of the features your fridge will possess. 

You need to invest around Rs. 8500 to 16,500 for a direct cool single door fridge whereas, a double door frost free fridge will cost more than Rs. 16,000. 

On the other hand, the French door or side-by-side fridges are considered to be costlier options to consider and the price can go over lakh rupees. 

Final Words

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