Things to Remember While Choosing Quartz Stone for Your Home

Quartz has become increasingly popular over the past few years. It is available in so many options and patterns that it becomes difficult to find a perfect quartz material for your kitchen worktops.

Here are the five important points to consider when choosing the best quartz stone for your kitchen or bathroom remodelling projects.

quartz stone

  1. Choose Right Texture, Colours and Patterns

In recent years, quartz stone brands have changed the look of their products significantly. Some quartz brands like Cambria even offer quartz in new patterns that appear like granite or marble.

Caesarstone is another quartz manufacturer that offers revolutionary new patterns resembling Calacatta marble, black granite and cement. Silestone quartz countertop, on the other hand, is available in three different textures, such as matte, polished and rugged. The company also offers a variety of new colour patterns, including flecked, granite-look and veining worktop surfaces, besides the brightly coloured contemporary quartz designs.

  1. Pick the Right Worktop Thickness

When choosing quartz, it is essential to consider the right thickness you require for its application. Generally, the standard thickness of the quartz slab is 1¼-inch, and it’s perfect for kitchen and bathroom counters. Quartz even comes in 1½-inch, ½-inch, and ¾-inch thickness. However, Cambria provides worktop slabs in 1cm thickness for creating a layered edge profile.

Quartz in varying thicknesses can be used for different applications like wall tile, custom-built shower, shower seat, slip-resistant flooring, etc.

  1. Choose the Right Edging

The right edging of quartz stone determines the style of any worktop surface or vanity. The standard edges of the worktop are squared (straight), as well as waterfall edges. Such edges are perfect for applying around 1¼ inch thick quartz worktops. Some intricate edging options are pencil, curved edge (ogee), bullnose (or rounded edge), bevelled and laminated edging that add an extra layer of this material onto the edge to give it a dramatic appearance.

The rounded waterfall edging is ideal for kitchen islands and quartz counters in modern kitchen remodelling projects.

  1. Choosing Plumbing Fixtures and Kitchen Appliances before Picking Quartz Stone

You must choose plumbing fixtures and kitchen appliances before measuring the quartz worktop for installing into your kitchen. When planning the resurfacing of a kitchen or bathroom counters, it’s essential to pick vanity, sinks, faucets and stove gas pipe before fabrication of the worktop.

The worktop fabricator needs to know the exact dimensions, as well as the number of holes required within a counter on installation. When planning to install the stovetop, you also need to cut out the required worktop.

  1. Visit a showroom

Visit a quartz worktop store in-person to see the exact colour and texture of the stone that you’re about to install in your kitchen or bathroom. For, the colour of the worktop may appear different online than you see in real-time before your eyes.

Once you finalize the colour of a quartz worktop, make sure to pick a few samples and bring them to your home to check how it looks in the light of your kitchen.


Quartz worktops are highly versatile and durable and available in a wide range of patterns and colours. However, to choose the best quartz stone for your kitchen or bathroom, you need to consider the factors mentioned above. Otherwise, consult a professional worktop fabricator to guide you through the entire process of selection and installation of quartz worktops.

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