Things you don’t want to miss out while designing a Hindu Marriage Invitation!

Times have changed, but some things fortunately remain untouched and the Hindu Marriage is one such celebration. The invitation cards for a Hindu Marriage ceremony are to designed in a certain way with a partly set format, with ways to personalise it as per the need and preferences of both families.

A blend of old and new, a marriage invite as grand as the celebration.

A Hindu Marriage takes place in a number of ways and can be altered to suit all family sizes and situations. Similarly, the Hindu Marriage Invitation too can be so designed, so as to accommodate all family requirements and tastes. Families getting together means that everyone’s inputs and needs need to be acknowledged and incorporated. That is what makes it more difficult to make all arrangements so as to please one and all. This many a times, comes in the way of designing a marriage invite that is both liked by all and yet is visually pleasing and aesthetically right. This is when the need to hire a professional arises, so as to offload some of your worries in this stressful time to a team that is trained to execute the task flawlessly.

In a marriage invitation, the wording becomes a critical part and needs to be apt for the occasion. Not only does it have to follow certain rules and formats, but it also has to be a good balance of tradition and evolved tastes. For the same reason, the wording can be so framed as to allow certain flexibilities for personalisation. We all love to give everything a personalised touch, expressing so as to reflect our own personalities and journeys. Hindu Marriage Invitations can be moulded into this balance by adding poetic marriage centric verses, or even adding design elements that hint at the bride and groom’s tale of love.

It is also essential to follow the wedding invitation etiquettes. Some necessary inclusions include the following-

Full names of bride and groom

Precise wedding date and day with year next to date

Wedding time followed by venue details for all days

Names of family members taking responsibility of preparations

Mention of whether the parents of the bride or groom are deceased

Mention if it is a second marriage

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Hi, I’m Kamal from Mumbai in Maharashtra. Been brought up in Mumbai, I’ve had a very urban upbringing and when my parents arranged my marriage with Pratik, I had no idea about the way a Hindu Marriage Invitation card is designed. That’s when helped me get it designed. Big big help!

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