Things you have to know before purchasing barricade tape

At least once in a lifetime, everyone witnesses an area that has been sealed due to safety and health concerns, using some tape that prohibits the general public from passing through it. The tape that prevents you from crossing the barrier is called a barricade tape, known around the world for its caution or danger signs.


So, you might be thinking, what is a barricade or warning tape?


Well, for starters, it is brightly colored tape, mostly in yellow-black or red-white stripes, used to catch the attention of passer-by’s of an area, and warn them of a potential health hazard. These tapes prevent any accidental entrance into the area or in any situation that threatens the general safety. These tapes are also known as construction tape, barrier tape, caution tape, warning tape, danger tape, or hazard tape. Such synonyms also hold the same meaning for warning tape suppliers in India.


Regardless of the phrase used, the tapes are affixed as a visual warning sign and demarcation. This forbids people from entering a dangerous area, such as an industrial or commercial building site, roadworks construction site, or the location of the accident or crime.


The various types of barricade tape

Before you commence your hunt for the best warning tape exporter in India, you need to assess the type of barricade type you want to use. Always opt for the one certified by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute).


  1. Construction tape: This is particularly used to notify people about ongoing construction, and the possible hazards related to it. Generally, workers employ the yellow-black color combination of warning tape along with printed text, such as “Under Construction”, “Caution”, and “Work Zone” and “Keep Out. It is also used in places undergoing demolition or minor repairs.


  1. Hazard Tape: This tape is used in areas with substantial danger, where there is a risk of exposure to toxic chemicals or unnatural elements. The color code for such type of threat is covered with yellow-black for physical hazard and magenta-yellow for radiation hazard. Examples include labs, production areas, and industrial zones.


  1. Traffic control tapes: The most common type of tapes in the market, these are used to control foot traffic or vehicle traffic. These tapes are used for temporary reasons, during a parade, or when the road is closed. These are brightly colored, to allow maximum visibility even at greater distances.


  1. Police or law enforcement tape: This type of tape is used to restrict entry into a crime scene. Police tape notifies the general public about an ongoing investigation and that the particular area is restricted. Color combination like yellow-white, yellow-black, or blue-white combination.


  1. Firefighter tape: A form of police tape or hazard tape, these are used to isolate a particular area during or after a fire. It barricades the entry of the public and away from all the fire-related risks.



Depending on the region, the color combination of warning tapes might change, but their meaning is the same, globally. Therefore, the choice of colors is yours, even when consulting with a warning tape manufacturer in Delhi.

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