Things You Need to Know About Herbal Stamp Massage

Known by many names, including Luk Pra Kob, herbal stamp massages are a unique way to get a perfect massage. There are 16 ingredients used in a Thai herbal stamp, and they are all meant to relieve stress and relax sore and sensitive muscles. Some of the ingredients used are basil, lime, and camphor.

These herbs provide a calming and relaxing effect, and their scents are especially effective for the respiratory system. When used in this massage, the herbs are gently stamped across the skin and move along the energy gates, giving the recipient a calming effect. Herbal stamp massages can be performed by men or women and can be custom tailored to the preferences of each client. For more information, visit a message and reflexology near you.

During the treatment, the herbal stamps are heated to a skin-friendly temperature. The heated herbal stamps are then applied to the body and pounded on specific areas for five minutes before cooling down. Herbal stamp massages are highly effective, providing many benefits, including a relaxing effect, improved blood circulation, improved lymphatic system, increased metabolism, and pain relief. These massages are ideal for those with hectic lifestyles who need a restorative massage. 

If you want to learn more about other forms of massage, as well as learning an online Lenormand Course, check out this herbal stamp massage infographic from Online Massage Courses.

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