Things You Need to Know Before You Install Electric Strikes

Electric Strikes are a common central-locking device used in commercial, residential, and automotive applications. With the advent of RFID technology, they are now able to manage access control systems. But before installing one on your own accord, take heed of these things you need to know first!

You should take note of whether or not you have fire protection installed on your doors. This is because electric strikes typically operate at 12 volts DC power for activation purposes which can potentially trigger sprinklers if your building code mandates this type of installation.

The electric strike’s housing should be large enough to accommodate the device. Check if it is clear of obstructions or not because the electric strike may not function properly if it is blocked by another object.

Make sure that you determine its backset distance. This refers to the opening of the latch into the doorframe, which varies between 1-3/8″ to 2-1/4″. It also depends on your preferred lock design and application. You can set up a template for this purpose or simply measure its opening with a ruler, which you can easily do with an existing lock setup in place already.

The power source for your electric strikes will determine its electrical rating. If it has an AC rating, the device will have a maximum operating voltage of 600 volts. You can also opt for DC rating, which can operate from 24 volts to 120 volts.

The electric strike should not be too long because it might cause problems with your lock’s function. Exceeding the 3/4″ threshold may not make proper contact with the surface of the doorframe, which will stop it from working properly.

Before installation, you must first open up your electric strikes just to check if they are already in good working condition. This is essential since you do not want to install something that is sub-par or has substandard quality just because you are in a rush.

You can use an AC voltmeter or AC ammeter to test the power supply. The unit should be energized even when you do not have any devices connected, with no visible indications of operation on your equipment. If there is no voltage, then the device is defective and needs to be replaced or repaired.

Before locking or unlocking doors using your electric strike, make sure to manually check if they are in good working condition. This can help avoid problems in the future when they malfunction during operation.

Electric strikes do not come with replaceable parts so be sure to purchase extra parts in case you need to change them out in the future. The only thing you can replace is the housing which could be damaged at times.

The electric strike should match the size of the door. It should have a small enough profile that it will not be an obstruction to your lock’s function.

The keyhole should also not be too close to the edges. Otherwise, there is a chance that it can be bumped or hit with something at any time, which will damage it over time and could cause problems with its operation.

If you or someone who you know does not possess or would like to learn about the products and products available in the market, go ahead and purchase them. There is a wide variety of electric strikes to choose from at different prices and you just might find the one that fits your needs and budget.

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