Things You Should Know About Iso Propyl Alcohol Ipahcl


Are you looking for Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA-HCL) for the need of industrial solvent? Check out one of the leading iso propyl alcohol ipahcl manufacturers in India! You will get the real iso propyl alcohol ipahcl at affordable prices. Before you make a purchase, you should need to know about iso propyl alcohol ipahcl to make use of it in an effective and safe way. This is what this article is about. This will let you know things about iso propyl alcohol ipahcl and keep you updated while purchasing the right product and using iso propyl alcohol ipahcl. Keep reading to know more.

Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL)

Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL) appears as a clear colorless to slightly yellow liquid. The Molecular Formula of Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL) is C3H7Cl. The top ten other names of Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL) are,

1.Isopropyl alcohol hydrochloride

2.hydrogen chloride 2-propanol

3.2-propanol hydrochloric acid

4.isopropanol hydrogen chloride

5.isopropanol hydrochloric acid

6.HCl 2-propanol

7.isopropanol HCl

8.HCl isopropanol



Storing C3H7Cl 1 Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL) In India

As it is one of industrial solvents, it should be handled and stored in a proper way. When it comes to storing C3H7Cl 1 Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL), for safety purposes and keep it original, it should and will be kept in a cool, or well-ventilated place. The container that has C3H7Cl 1 Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL) liquid should be closed tight. For safety purposes, it should be and will be kept away from sources of ignition. Also, it should be kept away from the heat area and location. Most importantly, these flammable materials should be, and will be stored in a separate safety storage cabinet or room.

This is a safe way of handling and storing the C3H7Cl Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL). Following and ensuring things above will protect you, help you, and save you from huge damage.

Additional information on Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL)

1.Usually, Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL) industrial solvent will be packed in the HDPE drums and Carboys.

2.The boiling point of Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL) will be 82.22°C.

3.The Specific Gravity of Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL) will be 0.890-0.920

4.Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL) Solubility – Miscible with ethanol and diethyl ether

5.The appearance of Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL) will be colorless to slightly yellow

6.The Molecular Formula of Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL) will be C3H7Cl

7.The molecular weight of Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL) will be 78.54

8.The Cas No of Iso Propyl Alcohol(IPA-HCL) is 7647-01-0.


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