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At the same time, the Black Panther needs to defensive Dide Fronts Johnson (hip flexor injury) returns to health and reproduces a good condition. He has not yet been killed in this season and has achieved 11 kills last season.

Brisseed from the Saint Since the Saint Since Since the 2006 season. At that time, he also happened to recover from shoulder surgery. Now Bris is 36 years old, it is worthy of puzzling this shoulder injury will affect Bris.

After this week, Stalley needs to stay a night in Philadelphia. But this is not related to the transaction, Stalley is injured in the eye, and needs to stay in Philadelphia for further medical assessment.

Last season, Thompson played 14 games, including 11 games, getting 79 hugs, and Thomas second. He also got 3.5 times, and he ranks third. He also played in the team’s five-point guards and sometimes served as security, so his comprehensive skill is his biggest feature.

The four-wheeled players in the 2012 season were considered to give the black panther’s power to shock an arm. He last season is an important part of the team’s defensive front line rotation. It has achieved 1 4-point guard in 3 times. Alexander has been praised by the head of Ron Rivra (Ron Ron Rivera), and is known as one of the most valuable players of the team two training camps. Another most valuable player? A defensive end Greg-Hardy, he is currently in the list of exemptions / presidents due to legal issues.

The US local time announced that the Black Panther’s defensive end Frank-Alexander was banned by 10 conferences due to the abuse of the Alliance Drug Abuse. He will have qualifications after the fifteenth week of the team. Alexander has not yet been in the game. He did not participate in the four games of this season due to the other victorization of the Alliance Drug Abuse. He returned to the team on Monday, but it was once again banned after 2 days.

2. Indiana Pony

The pony has two close-end strikes, but the problem is the unstable offensive line, which makes Hart Sok a potential stock. And the former black panther coach is also in the small horse camp, and his relationship with Hartc is in Crolena. Pony may find a large piece, set a sharp line for the running guard.


The raid person was torn before the second grade close-up on Thursday, and now I need to find a large piece. Hartc didn’t have a ball last season, which could not help the raiders established a long-lasting advantage, but can fill the loopholes that cannot be compensated for other near-end.

This is the latest effort to build a dynasty team chiefs made. They had been with quarterback Patrick – renewal Kelsey (Travis Kelce) – Macho James (Patrick Mahomes), the defensive front line players – Chris Jones (Chris Jones) and tight end Travis.

First of all, this is his last year. In addition, last season he was placed in the injury reserve list due to shoulder injury, and he needs to come back from the injury. At the same time, he has to transition from the 4-3 defensive system to the 3-4 defensive system as the entire team defensive player.

In the first half of the first half, Starley hit the eagle defensive cutoff Fletcher Cox, and the right eye opened a big mouth, captured the bleeding lens. Soon after I was determined to return to this game.

Saint Parston Saint Payton said to the reporter on Monday now “too early” judgment whether the team will consider making Bris less than the game. The CBS report that the Saint Want to observe the shoulder of Brisse for the response to the treatment.

There is no doubt that this is a dark moment for Saints. In the game against pirates, they are poor in the opposite side of the attack. Next, the game of the Black Panther’s Black Leopard is considered a very important game for Saints. The Saint will face the three-game defending unless it is the offensive group where Luke McCown is enabled in a decline.

In the pro Football Focus ranked last season, Hart Soches were pressed against other close-end strikes, ranked first. This is primarily based on his passive ball blocked, as well as an unstoppable sports ball.

4. New York Jet

The head coach Hartc is very familiar, and he played 32 games in the jet fleet, and he was also played in the back of the back season in 2009 and 2010. Hart Sko as an older, you can help the jet of the jet to relieve the defensive pressure.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Saint believes that the saints think the four-point guards were injured, which might let him absent several games, he will More inspections will be accepted on Tuesday and Wednesday to determine the injury.

Chiefs and coach – Andy Reid and general manager Brett – Albion contract

After winning the Super Bowl championship, the Kansas City Chiefs in a row with key players to sign a new contract. Now get not only the players get this treatment.

Wholesale Nfl Jerseys television network correspondent – Tom Perry Thurow (Tom Pelissero) reported that the emirate is nearing completion and coach Andy – Reid (Andy Reid) and general manager Brett – renewal Albion (Brett Veach), the new contract will allow two chiefs 2025 season working people.

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