Think You Don’t Have to Worry About Pests During Winter? Think Again

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It’s natural that you might worry less about pests during the winter months. After all, there’s less wildlife around to be seen as insect populations have died back and much of the bird and other animal life are hibernating or migrating. Additionally, a variety of mammal species enter a period of a kind of semi-hibernation called “torpor” in which they’re less active than usual but still seeking food and shelter. However, the threat of pests infesting, nesting in, or otherwise damaging a home has not gone away. The risks can, in fact, be increased, as critters actively seek out warm places, and simply because you’re thinking less about pest control. Being aware of the risk of pests and shopping around for the best cost of termite treatment or raccoon removal always makes sense, whatever the season.

Pests Are a Year-Round Concern

Virtually everywhere in the U.S. is at risk of pest and animal control issues during every month of the year. In fact, there are some ways in which winter puts homeowners uniquely at risk of pest issues. Most notably is the temperature. When it gets cold, many species of animals, pests included, start looking for warmer places to wait out the weather. Your safe, covered, heated home can prove as appealing to those pests as it does to you. Termites, rats and mice, bats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and more may choose to make you an unwilling roommate.

Termites in Winter

Being cold-blooded, termites are required to seek warmth wherever they can in the winter. Termite queens would prefer to lay eggs all year, and will if they can stay warm enough. That often means that the termites dig deeper underground to avoid the colder topsoil. However, the warmer soil around your house or apartment building can present an extremely enticing source of food and protection for a termite colony. That’s particularly true for homes with basements. Study up on termite control cost and keep an eye out for the signs of infestation, even in winter.

Mammals in Winter

The majority of mammalian animal kingdom home invasions are carried out by rodents, primarily rats, mice, and squirrels. Small wonder, as your cozy and comfortable home also provides an excellent source of protection from predators and a wealth of nooks and crannies in walls, attics, and basements to establish nests. They become even more attractive for rodents and larger mammals like raccoons, skunks, and opossums looking for a safe place to birth a litter to be raised in the spring. Heated (or unheated) garages are popular choices, while the spaces under decks can even draw mammals as big as foxes and coyotes in addition to skunks, raccoons, and opossums, none of which hibernate.

Pest Control Options

If there’s one rule to live by when it comes to evaluating, identifying, preventing, and dealing with pest infestation issues, whatever the time of year, it is: Do not attempt to DIY. Pest infestation issues can cause thousands of dollars of damage, undermine the structure of buildings, introduce communicable diseases, and even create a fire hazard from chewed wires and more. Find a service offering a local business aggregation platform, like eLocal, for instance, for a selection of local pest control specialists to choose from.

About eLocal

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