Thinking About Training for a Marathon? Here Are 4 Things to Know

+C22411-C22411_FW19_ZIG_KINETICA_Carousel-Drop02-Lifestyle-549607Running a full marathon is a goal for many everyday athletes. Whether you’re a runner by trade or just want to see if your body is capable of running a full 26.2 miles, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot in 2020 and accomplish another fitness goal. As most know, you can’t just show up on race day and give it your best shot, so you’ll need to start training. Here are four things to know before you start.

You Need Ample Time to Train

You’ll often hear of people taking half of the year just to train for a marathon. That might seem a little overkill at first, but 26 miles is a long way, and to run it all in one shot, you need to condition your body. While 25 weeks or so isn’t a requirement, and you could get away with a shorter training period if you’re experienced, it’s always best to give yourself more time than you think you might need. You never know when an injury or stomach bug will sideline you, so having some buffer time will ensure nothing can throw you off your game.

Your Shoes Matter

If you’re serious about training for a marathon or just running in general, you need a dedicated pair of running shoes. Just like the tires on your car and their condition can impact how the ride is, your shoes have a similar influence. You want a pair that makes every step easy with minimal impact to keep you comfortable for the entire run. Once you think you’ve found your go-to pair, take them for a 10-mile test drive to make sure they can hold up without causing you any pain.

Don’t Abandon Strength Training

There’s more to training for a marathon than just running a lot. Sure, running is a big part of it, but you should also incorporate a few strength training sessions every week. By doing exercises like lunges, squats and planks, you can strengthen the muscles in your legs and core, where injuries can likely occur. When in the middle of a 25-week training regimen, preventing injuries becomes even more critical, so do what you can to protect yourself.

Dress the Part

Along with building up your endurance for race day, you need the right uniform to ensure you’re performing at your best. While you might think that any old cotton T-shirt and shorts will do the trick, if you’ve ever had to deal with chafing or running in a sopping wet shirt, you know it can be annoying, painful, distracting and hurt your results. Shop around for workout clothes for women or men specifically engineered for running and you’ll feel effortlessly comfortable and look even more stylish come race day.

The Finish Line

Training for a marathon is no easy task, but with the right mindset and planning, any everyday athlete can do it. Keep these things in mind, pick your start date and start training the right way.

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