ThinkStation P330: Latest And Affordable Workstation By Lenovo

ThinkStation P330 is an affordable workstation by Lenovo that offers amazing professional hardware at an amazingly low price. It is designed for performing light to medium duty creative work like photo editing, graphics, and many more. Lenovo offers a compact chassis, good expansion options, decent operations, and three years of onsite warranty that makes this device more interesting.

Perfect For Professional Work

The workstation by Lenovo has the quad-core Intel Xeon E-2224 processor, 168-GB ECC memory, graphics card of 2GB Nvidia Quadro P620, and a solid-state boot drive for Windows 10 Pro. There are several competitors of this product in the market, and Dell is one of them.

You can also consider ThinkStation P330 as a mini-tower because of its dimension (6.5*12.9*14.8 Inches). It can’t be counted in the mid and small tower range as it is smaller than the mid-tower and broader than the small-form-factor desktop. It has a steel tower with the honeycomb design in the front of the workstation.

At the door of this workstation, there is a padlock loop for the security. Inside this device, there is enough space for every major component so, if there will be any issue, the technician can repair it without any problem.

There is a basic air cooler in the CPU, which is an essential part of this device. If you don’t require a dedicated GPU, then this ThinkStation is a perfect product that offers several processors with integrated graphics. It can help you in performing several tasks without any issue.

Let’s Talk About Its Connectivity

The front panel of the ThinkStation has Type-C USB port, four Type-A USB ports, Microphone audio jacks, and an optional media card reader of the seven formats. Lenovo is also offering a slim DVD±RW burner in their ThinkPad.

This device’s backside connectivity includes 4 Type-A USB ports, an ethernet jack, and a serial port. There are four mini connectors ports for the display. For reliable wired connectivity, Lenovo offers several Ethernet cards along with the Thunderbolt 3 cards and the Wi-Fi. As per the official announcement, it has a power supply of 250 watts, but it can go up to the 400 watts depending upon the component’s loadout.

This device’s power supply carries an impressive platinum certification with the 92 percent efficiency of the device. Apart from this certification, ThinkStation P330 has several independent certifications (ISV) for all the popular software.

What About Media, Storage, and CPU Tests?

In the test, the product will get the PCMark 10 in the overall performance assessment of this feature. The analysis also states that the product excels in office productivity, videoconferencing, and web browsing too. The PCMark is a computer benchmark tool developed by UL (formerly Futuremark) to test the computers and laptops’ performance. The ThinkStation P330 has comfortably passed the PCMark, which means it is a high-performance system.

The next test is for CPU testing. Cinebench R15 is the tool that tested the processor cores and threads. Apart from these tests, Lenovo’s ThinkStation passes POV-Ray 3.7 test and Photoshop CC test.

Final Verdict

It offers enough space and speed for doing some creative work at an affordable cost. It has all the essential certification, including ISV certifications, which are usually found in most professional apps and devices. With excellent connectivity, compact design, and decent storage, it is a perfect entry-level workstation.

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