This article explains which party may be held liable during a winter car accident

During winter, some Alaska roads become full of snow and ice. This makes it’s hard to drive or even walk, and one has to be cautious.

In certain circumstances, the city crew becomes responsible for ensuring the streets are drivable. But if they are not keen or assume that the driveways are safe and one’s involved in an accident, one may file a claim.


Who Do I Hold Liable In A Winter Car Accident

 While every driver is supposed to drive with due care, some situations are unavoidable whether there is winter or not. But there are situations where someone may be held liable for not taking action when winter leads to an accident or vehicle damage due to poor road conditions.

Who to hold liable for any car accident during winter becomes a popular question. The answer may depend on whether one was driving along a highway or a minor street. If it’s a town road, then the municipal may be held liable for damages. However, no one should rush to file a claim without first determining whether the said party may be negligent. If in such a situation, you can look for a car accident attorney in Alaska to help you know who to blame for your injuries. If the accident happened in town roadways or highways, you can sue a government entity. When using a government entity, you have to keep in mind that:

  • You will use a short statute of limitation:Unlike personal injury claims, government claims have short time limits. You can talk with an experienced lawyer to know the time limit in your state.
  • You have to notify the government of your need to file a claim. You have to follow the guidelines stated in the notice of claim to ensure you are not barred from recovery.
  • Finally, an injury claim against a government entity may require more compelling evidence.

Road users expect the state workers to salt or clear the ice on the roads. Thus, it becomes easy to prove that were it not for the ice on the roadway; you could have avoided the accident. And as a result, you suffered injuries, missed work, and thus no pay. Proving that the government was liable for your injuries in the icy road may be complex. A car accident attorney in Alaska can help you with that.


Have You Been Injured In A Winter Car Accident

Winter roads are among the most common causes of car accidents. While some winter accidents are minor, others cause severe injuries and property damage. If you have been injured in such an accident, you can hire Alaska accident attorney to help you explore the best option to deal with your situation.

Standards for maintaining winter roads may vary from state to state, and most drivers are not even aware of such differences. Meaning, one may require someone to keep it clear on what may be needed to prove negligence. To sue the government, you need to be aware of specific rigid rules that may deter several things, such as limiting what you may recover for injuries or property damage or time taken to get your financial recovery. However, with a lawyer, you can prove that the local government is not immune from negligence because:

  • They failed to supervise the road during winter.
  • You were involved in a car accident and suffered injuries due to unsafe road conditions. Liability becomes more evident if the government had notice the road condition.

You don’t have to suffer from injuries resulting from government negligence. You only need to have proper evidence. If you hire an Alaska accident attorney, he/she can review the details for your car accident and explain any rules to be used to place the blame on the local government.

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