This highly scalable School bus tracking system application will help you change the future of school transits :


In today’s world, where technology is intertwined with our everyday lives, it becomes more challenging to manage and track our routine work. Is there a way to help school children travel safer and keep track of their locations in the process amidst all the chaos? The answer is yes.

Why do we need a school bus tracking system app?

More than 480,000 school buses are carrying 26 million students in the US every day. That’s a minimum of 26 million parents/ guardians being worried about their children travelling quite a distance to and from school. This is a number that needs to be monitored for safety and administrative purposes. .

Amazing features

There are solutions to all aspects of the school bus tracking system. Parents can be updated about the entry and exit of their children on their smartphone through this app and be notified of pick up and drop off alerts. Customizable proximity alerts are also available for parents to be ready for picking up their children at bus stops. They can also contact the bus driver who can attend the call when the bus stops moving.

These solutions extend to school administrators for fleet management and attendance. The admins get detailed reports of each transit from the app. Features like geo-fencing, location tracking and delay in transits are built into the app. The parent, driver, school admin, and fleet administrator apps work together to build a safe and secure environment for the school children.

We have the most advanced app for your needs for a one-stop solution to school bus tracking system apps.

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