This is Fine Meme: Meaning and its Relevance in the Year 2020

Memes often came and disappeared with the time, but the meme This is Fine has become the staple of social media platforms.


Source: This is Fine Meme: Meaning and its Relevance in the Year 2020

This is fine, it is a meme which is very much popular, and everyone knows about it. The meme is still relevant in every circumstance. In the meme, a dog is appearing sitting in a building set on fire and saying himself everything is alright. Several reasons are playing a significant role in making the meme much popular and still relevant everywhere, even in the year 2020. This fine has been taken from a webcomic known as Gun Show, which was published in the year 2013. The webcomic was written by the cartoonist K C Green. The first panel of the comic includes a dog who is continually saying to himself that everything is fine even while he is surrounded by fire. Later, The imagery was shared on social media platforms such as  Tumblr, Imgur and Reddit. It attracts lots of comments and views from the people. The meme became popular, representing the idea visually that everything almost is fine.

In an interview, the creator of comic Gunshow, K C Green, said that initially, he took inspiration from his struggles with deteriorating mental illness. According to K C Green, when he was in depression and taking medicines to cure his mental illness, he was encouraged to create the comic. He sometimes said it requires us to remind ourselves that everything is alright even if things are going wrong. The meme is representing the universal sentiments which are the primary reason behind its everlasting relevancy.

The meme is becoming Real.

The meme This is fine is, however symbolic still it is representing the universal feeling compellingly. The people all across the world can relate themselves with the theme when trapped in some wrong conditions and still projecting the positive side of the situation to the world. The meme has proved how it is relevant even today is when the world is under lockdown. With all countries and people following social distancing measures and forced to stay indoors, the meme has been proved even more relevant. Even though the houses of the people are not burning as seen in the webcomic, still the people are feeling somewhat the same when staying at home for many months. A user active on Twitter, Phong Le has posted a meme in which he is sitting in the house, and it is burning from everywhere.

There are always the situations when life becomes suddenly too hard and difficult irrespective of the fact how much you are prepared. People have to face the situations patiently without complaining. When dealing with the adverse situation in life, sometimes people feel like that dog occurred in the meme. The meme not only represents the feelings arising out of sudden unwanted or unexpected situations but also showing the feeling of not asking for help from anyone. Now, amidst the ongoing health outbreak when no one knows how much time it will take for the things to become normal, the meme is comforting the people.

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