This is how you can add employee to QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks has been used to manage payroll-related tasks by small and medium-sized businesses. This accounting software has excellent features that make payroll tasks much easier and more convenient. However, there may be times when users encounter the task of adding an employee to QuickBooks payroll. If you encounter the same problem when adding the employee, you should not be concerned. Instead, we have written a comprehensive post that will walk you through the steps to add new employees to QuickBooks Payroll.


Wondering how to add employee to QuickBooks payroll and don’t know what to do next? Well, in that you must go through the stepwise instructions as explained in this post. However, Our experts will assist you with the best possible assistance required to resolve your issue. 


Facts you must be aware of while trying to add new employee to QuickBooks Payroll

Before proceeding further with the steps to add a new employee to QB Payroll, you must keep the following things in mind. Therefore, you must go through the below-listed points attentively. 


  • TD-1 Form:- 

You must have the personal details like name, address, Social insurance number, dependents, and adjustments withheld on the Employee’s Withholding Certificate. You can add all of these details whenever you invite your staff, but you must always have a copy of all these records. 


  • Email Address:-

You must have the valid email address of the new employee so that you can easily send invites to add their details. Moreover, it is also required so that you can have access to their pay stubs and T4s online. 

  • Work Location:- 

It includes the address where your employee works. 


  • Pay Info:-

You are required to input the details regarding the employee salary or pay dates, other types of pay, and pay schedules. 


  • Direct Deposit Info:-

You must have the employee’s bank account details as the payroll is usually made via payroll deposits. The employees are generally allowed to add up to two bank accounts. 


  • Pay History:- 

This only applies if this is your first time using the QuickBooks payroll service. If you’ve already paid your employees this year, you’ll need their year-to-date pay stubs to have accurate year-end totals for taxes and other purposes.


Here’s how to add an employee to scheduled payroll in QuickBooks

Adding an employee to the scheduled payroll in QuickBooks Desktop requires you to go through the Employee Center and add a few details. 


  • In the first step, opt for the Employees menu and then tap on the Add Employee on the right side of the screen.
  • Afterwards, add the employee’s personal details and then click the Next option. 
  • Now, you need to add the Employment details, including start date, pay rate, etc., and tap on the Next option. 
  • Next, put the Bank Details and Account Type of the employee and proceed further. 
  • You are now supposed to enter the Tax File Declaration Information appropriately. 
  • Later on, choose the Done option to end the process. 


Here’s how to add employee to QuickBooks Payroll

There are numerous benefits that the employees can acquire from being a part of the QuickBooks Online workforce, as you can easily view and download payslips. Go through the stepwise instructions listed below to add employees to QuickBooks Payroll. 


  • To begin the process, navigate to the Payroll option and select the Employees menu. 
  • Next, tap on the Add an Employee option and add the employee’s name. 
  • After this, mark the checkbox next to the “Invite employees to enter their personal details and view their payslips online with QuickBooks Workforce”. Further, you need to put the Employees email address within the required text field. 
  • Soon after this, click on the Invite my employee option. By doing so, you will instantly get a link for QuickBooks Online Workforce. You must add your personal details and employment details within this link. 
  • After winding up with this process, the employee will be seen in your active employee list in payroll but will appear incomplete.
  • Next, you must add/edit employment details like tax information, Workstation pension, Pay Schedule, and pay history.  


Ending Note!!

Through this post, we have provided detailed instructions to add employees to QuickBooks Payroll. We assure you that you will find this post beneficial and worth-reading. However, contact our experts if you are facing any difficulty adding a new employee to the QB payroll. 

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