This makes Runescape more demanding

Jagex estimate that it will take you at least 40 hours to get through Menaphos. Obviously, that depends on what degree you are as you go in the growth and how completely you would like to research beyond the four chief quests and 21 level increase to the Slayer ability. This is an RS gold unparalleled amount of content for a single Runescape upgrade, and Jagex’s intention to launch another expansion of this size in September and December reveals this is not a one-off gesture; it’s a new way of playing Runescape.

“It’s a huge change for us and our existing player base in terms of the way we deliver content,” says lead designer David Osborne. “We are used to drip-feeding good, additive pieces of content weekly, but that is about bringing all that together to give players something they really can immerse themselves in – a long-form story, a great deal of skilling and battle content, an expansion to a degree cap – all the things you would want or expect from a growth .”

Jagex have paid careful attention to changing ways in which individuals consume content, the popularity of binge-watching Netflix series appears to have inspired the MMO’s change from routine upgrades to sprawling expansions. “It’s us moving into the box set mindset,” explains merchandise owner Joseph Redstall,”we did all these polls annually and we spoke about the cadence of updates and it had been working fine for us. We could do sizeable chunks of content every 2 buy Runescape gold, but we can’t do up to this.”

Menaphos can also be a chance to bring prospective gamers to the fold with a more packaged chunk of content. A new map, new quests, new lootnew systems, and an extended skill cap – all under a single release date. Menaphos is all about creating a critical mass of things for existing, lapsed, and fresh players to gravitate towards, which could make the decision easier for people who are on the fence about whether or when to dive in.

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