This Month Top Stories About Website Development.

Website development is a dynamic process that keeps on changing given emerging technologies, changing viewers’ tastes as well as the requirement of the business. Therefore, every month you will find a large number of news related to website development hogging the headlines of technical journals that focus on web development and other related issues. Any web design & development company that wants to remain successful on a sustained basis should always try to stay in touch with the recent development in this field and incorporate them into their work.

In this article, you will get to know the top News of web design and development space that as a web development company is crucial for your work processes and help you to keep updated.

Some of The Top News About Web Development

In this article, you will learn about some of the free Adobe XD plugins that were updated and relaunched, which gives web designers greater control over their workflow as well as help them enhance their web design to the satisfaction of their clients.

Colour Designer

As the name suggests this plug-in from Adobe helps the web designer to create the right color palettes to evoke certain emotions from the viewer. A well-chosen color palette helps to capture the eyeballs of the viewer at first sight. The colored designer plug-in from Adobe XD can help you to choose the right color that will match the emotions you want to evoke through your website. It can also produce different colors, textures, and shadows to make your website more attractive.


This plug-in from the Adobe XD helps the designer in their workflow by sharing the draft they have created with other team members to get their feedback or collaborate with them. As the entire thing was done on a shareable cloud place, it becomes easier for designers, developers, product managers, and clients to view, comment, work on the project in one place. This in turn helps the process from wireframe to prototyping much easier and in a highly streamlined manner. All these make the Mockplus plug-in a great tool for designing and operating with your team members.

UI Faces

If your web development company specializes in creating social or chat apps, then this plug-in from the Adobe XD will help you a great deal. Your designer needs hundreds or thousands of faces to develop accurate and realistic-looking interfaces. However, if you manually search for these faces online then it can take a huge amount of your time and can delay your main project. Therefore, you can use the UI Face Plug-in. It can automatically get high-quality face images from multiple stock websites. It also has filters that include gender, age, emotions, hair colors and others that would help you to find the right image that fit your requirement more easily.


These are some of the latest items that we got from the website design news and new elements that can influence it this month. You can use these to improve your productivity and streamline your work to get the best possible results.

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