This observation is certainly true

This observation is certainly true; a large proportion of RuneScape players have been playing for five to ten decades and, as their lives become more complex, the time they have for playing RuneScape dwindles. The re-imagining of the Double XP weekend allowed those runescape players to make the most of the event’s bonuses without having to schedule their life around RuneScape, preventing what was meant to be an enjoyable event from cheap OSRS gold getting a hassle.

The experiment that is more risky, however, was the Yak Track of Count Yakula. As previously mentioned, runescape’s previous effort at a conflict pass-like system, RunePass, was not well received by runescape players, leading to feedback from both the runescape participant community and internally at Jagex that aided play a major part in the creation of Yak Track. This was the perfect decision because, compared to RunePass, Yak Track is obviously the superior event in terms of both the benefits on offer and, above all, the tasks you finish to make them.

Contrary to RunePass, where each runescape player was given a series of daily tasks based on which course they were on, every grade in the Yak Track includes two dedicated jobs that you choose from. These can either be skill-based tasks, which climb to a level in that particular ability, or an action task, like choosing cabbages near Port Sarim. This change ensures that the Yak Track feels like a new piece of content, instead of simply an extension of the everyday challenges, especially since many of the tasks can take numerous hours to complete. Other alterations, like a broader assortment of rewards, extending the period of the occasion from two weeks to six, and ensuring Premier Club members receive the top track at no cost, also have helped it feel as a exceptional event instead of an encore of RunePass.

The Live Ops team also used Yak Track as an opportunity to launch an experimental update to Treasure Hunter that allow runescape players view that the material of some loot boxes before purchasing them. Casey described it as”a new feature that’s much more transparent, in which runescape players can still use their everyday keys if they wish to and they could still get the same kind of rewards, but it’s a far more open system that increases the amount of runescape player controller and choice”, and insists there is”still an quantity of randomisation in the prizes selected around them, then in the event that you use a key, you’ll get one of buy osrs gold safe those prizes randomly, but you are going to be able to see exactly what they are, so in the event that you see something that you truly want, you’ll be able to go after it and get it done”.

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