This recipe is also relatively straightforward

While North Vern’s cooking collectibles are not necessarily the hardest bunch Lost Ark Gold in the game, some of them can certainly be annoying to acquire. Plus, checking these off your collectibles-to-do-list is a great way to spend some of your time in tier one endgame content while working toward tier two.

THEGAMER VIDEO OF THE DAY Vern Anniversary Spirits

This recipe can simply be bought for 18,000 silver from Roy, one of the vendors (a bartender, to be specific) at “Roy’s Wine Bar” in Rania Village.

There’s no big-to-do here, as there’s no need to bring Vern Anniversary Spirits to the cook in Vern Castle; just click on it to drink it and credit is given.

Balankar Ranger’s Salad

This recipe is also relatively straightforward, as it only requires one ingredient: Vine. The name is slightly misleading, as this ingredient isn’t found in Balankar Mountains, but in Parna Forest, at the precise location indicated in the image above, just east of the Vine Grove triport.

There are a couple of mobs around it though, so do take care to kill them so you can loot the vine without being interrupted. Once you’ve got it, simply take it to the cook (Stelia) in Vern Caste and have her craft up the Balankar Range’s Salad for you.

Proxima Course Meal

This recipe requires three different pieces and is one of two items on this list gated by RNG. The first two parts, Proxima cheapest Lost Ark Gold Salad and Proxima Root Nugget, are easily craftable: simply go to Luigia, a merchant in Rania Village, buy Proxima Stem and Proxima Root from her for 18,000 silver each, and have the cook craft the salad and root nugget, respectively.

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